What is true love
Have you ever think, what is true love?

True love

True love is a strong affection between lovers or partners, who are happily moving ahead in their relationship by fulfilling one another needs with passion.

love is selfless, it's a great emotion that connects different persons with each other through feelings. When someone starts following for a special person in which he/she starts caring, respects, paying attention starts liking all habits of that special person is a love feeling.

What is true love between a man and a woman

1) Support - A true love is when he or she doesn't change with you but corrects you when needed, sometimes we're busy in itself so much that we can't devote time for our partners but when a situation occurs if they support you that way you didn't expect it's true love.

2) Feeling - A true love is when you intensely feel his or her pain with extreme strength without bothering others. Whenever they need you already there for them, this called the true feeling of true love.

What is real love, for example?

A true emotion shared between a couple who has been married for 30 years but still, they deeply involved with each other just like a newly married couple, full intended or passionate.

This real example I have seen in my own family, really so proud to see such chemistry, care, affection for each other. At this age, they still deeply care a lot for one another.

Does true love fade away, if you purely feel for each other then it doesn't.

3) Treat Equally - A true love is when no one dominates but treat each other equality, for equality you should treat your partner's interest or desires in a respected manner, equality also shows how to balance your relationship is.

Advice - An equality in a relationship is a must for true love, if there's inequality in a relationship, then it's not stable.

Things to know about love, true love is a combination of friendship, acquaintanceships, and romance.

4) Connectivity - A true love relationship is how you feel connected with the person, with your inner feelings which are connected through the heart to heart.

Does real love ever go way, mother true love example,

At the time of childbirth, the mother doesn't even know if the child the nurses brought is her's or not. Can't they get swapped like in the movies? Let’s say, they were swapped the child and then the nurse gave the child to her but she doesn't know though once the babies in arms she won't feel it.

The mother has only accepted, there's no proof at all its called true love.

Who will love me as I am

True love is everywhere, it's in every human being, your parents, partners, friends, or well-wishers, it's true but you shouldn't say it.

Remember, if true love exists, you don't have to try, you don't have to make an effort to love someone.

Who is my true love

Few signs that your man is truly in love with you.

a) Protection - He protects, do not unravel the effort your man makes to make sure you safely reach home, if he is concerned about how you feel if you are safe or not he's just being caring about you, this shows that he really needs to never lose you, it's a gesture how to love.

b) Regard- Respects or regard, if he loves you, he will never want you to do anything against your wish, he will maturely respect your decisions about your personal matters. He would honor your ideals and principles. Never compel you to follow his own.

c) Sensitive - He is always sensitive about your feelings, if he truly loves you your feelings will be his first priority. He would always consider how you feel. He would never pursue anything you don't like and try to mend his flaws. Moreover, make sure he reduces every probability of hurting you.

d) Humble - He is humble, love makes him so selfless that he always keeps his bride away, his love for you has humbled him so much that he keeps away his ego when you guys fight. His field of losing him is greater than his desired to prove himself right.

e) Encourages - He encourages you to be your very best if he loves you, he will never get jealous of you earning more or doing better than him. In fact, he will never lose a chance to encourage you and celebrate your achievements. He will inspire you to be your best and reach your dreams.

Note - He includes you in every part of his life when a man loves a woman he wants to integrate into his life.

f) Best Giver  - He tries to give more than the dates, real love is about giving and contributing to your partner's life. A man who loves you will give the best to you with him. He will never feel like you are being drained of giving all you have.

What to know about love, True love is about giving as much as it can yet never be short of anything.

g) Combined Team - It's not me, it's us you were two separate individuals but now you are a combined team. when a man is in love, he will see you as inseparable where he goes he wants you to go and vice-versa. It is no longer my life, it is our life, our achievements, and our teamwork.

h) Understanding - He understands you even without you speaking anything. when two people are in love they connect at a level where they hardly need to explain things.

In other words, if he loves you he will easily read your emotions on your face, in your eyes without having to explain anything at all. He connects to you with a greater degree of empathy and understanding.

Note - Your happiness is his habits when you were happy this happiness will be reflected in him. Being loved is about being teammates who always support each other, a man in love will want to see you happy and work to make it happen.

Special Advice - You will know, when someone is in love with you, you will just get to feel itself, like We found love right where we are.

Who will love me as I am

If you find yourself happy and at peace most of the time you should know that he is one of the biggest reason, who loves me as I am.

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