Why your ex sends mixed messages
It's a very popular question that why your ex sends mixed messages or showing mixed signals.

Mixed Signals

They don't actually know what step they want to take even if,

=> They're the ones that initiated the break-up.

And now chatting with you often trying to spend more time but then telling you that they don't want to commit to a relationship, they're still trying to hang at least to some degree, which shows the signs ex is confused.

Note - If you're getting mixed messages, that's a positive fact you're engaging with your ex and they're sending you little nuggets to follow, to give them attention it's positive mixed signals from ex.

It's more about what we're going to do with them because if your ex boyfriend is giving mixed messages or signals it means you're still in the running, you still have an opportunity at saving this thing.

They're not willing to truly cut the cord, they're not really willing to disconnect.
Advice - The more you engage with their mixed messages or signals the more they're the ones in the driver's seat of this relationship or the more they're the ones navigating where it goes.

Mixed signals from a guy

If your ex is sending you mixed messages, be happy about it, it's definitely a good sign but handle it well. Means more often than not being endlessly available if your ex hangs out with you, like

=> Whenever they want to have sex with you
=> Whenever they want to spend time with you

But then disappear for some time.

Note - The more you let them do that, the more they will take you for granted that you're willing to let them continue controlling this relationship.

Remember, The more you show the availability, become less attractive or less sexy.
So if you're getting mixed messages, take a step away.

Advice - Be silent, it really depends on the unique situations in this relationship and breakup. what triggered the burn up of the chemistry and what dissolved it, knowing both of those things will be essential in really crafting out a tailored game plan to help you get the result that you want.

But not silent is the only way, you can try to give the space, it's time to show your ex that you aren't emotionally reliant and dependent on them, it's the sexiest approach that you can take if you're getting mixed messages.

Take a step back let them continue pursuing you, let them realize that if they don't actually, give you anything in exchange for your patients and time then we won't continue giving it to them.

Mixed Signals meaning

The mixed messages don't generate the relationship then reaching out doesn't end with you being back together.
Examples of mixed signals from guys
So if they're reaching out to you if they're telling you hey I love you but I don't want to be with you but I still want to hang out with you, that doesn't mean you have to be rude and say,

=> I'm not going to deal with you, it's as simple as saying hey you wanted this break and I don't think it's a bad idea. I'm gonna take some time but let me reach out to you soon it's essentially showing them,

=> I'm not dealing with the mixed signals or messages, I'm not gonna wait for you without generating resentment because resentment it's hard to get rid of, it's hard to take those things back.

Advice - Give it space, give it time, show them that you're not gonna handle or deal with all the mixed messages.

Your ex boyfriend wants to be friends why it's a good sign

Remember, If the guy sending mixed signals or messages after that as well, then it's a good sign, which means they're still considering this relationship for them a long-term, which for obvious reasons is super positive.

Examples of mixed signals from guys

They can have a variety of symptoms but they can look like you and your ex broke up, they're the ones that initiated the break-up yet, 

They're finding weird ways of contacting you, they're finding random reasons to reach out to you to touch base with you, to hear about how you're doing.

But if you approached them about reconciliation they put their foot down and say no we don't want these mixed messages,

=> One moment they're really interested in telling you how much they love you and how much they miss you, then the next moment they've ghosted make mixed messages can mean them telling you that there's absolutely no hope.

But then treating you like you feel really confused. what your ex purpose is, you have no idea what their intentions are?

Remember their missed messages are tricky, Because they really mean that your partner does not want to close the door to at least some degree, sending mixed signals is most likely to your ex might have one-foot output one foot in.

What are mixed signals

=> They're not sure the decision is the right one, so they kind of want to explore both options until they know which one makes the most sense basically.

=> They want to experience the perks of knowing that you love them, the perks that come with love, the perks that come with companionship but they want the freedom associated with being single, they want to love.

Mixed signals definition can be really tricky for you, so be careful.

Why your ex doesn't feel how important the relationship is because every time you give them a hope of acceptance, dull the pain that they're feeling which means they might not actually recognize that leaving the relationship was a really bad idea.

You let them wean off of you, you let them get just enough of you until they're totally ready to let go and this isn't advantageous for you because you want them to feel the weight associated with their decision.

F0r betterment, if your ex sending missed signals.

Show them the weight of their decision, don't engage and sometimes that doesn't necessarily mean you flat-out, don't answer them. By saying I need some space, and really want to respect that, I think I need some time to reflect that's an indirect way.

Why does my ex boyfriend still want to sleep with me

Sometimes you have sexual chemistry with an ex-partner, sometimes it's really hard for them to stay away from that intimacy.

But he's not willing to recommit and reconnect with you on a more profound level than don't be sexually intimate with him. Just reply or say, don't get to have access to the parts of me that you want, while discarding the parts of me.

If your ex boyfriend sending mixed signals to reaches out to you, what's the best approach??

Take some space, just honor that and revert, I'll reach out when I'm ready or maybe we can speak later on.

Note - If you blatantly ignore them, either

1) They're gonna take the hint which would be ideal and they'll stop.
2) They won't and they will get angrier and angrier.

Advice - If you feel your partner is getting angry, just to stop the feeling of that fire. Just message them in a subtle way, got your message, don't think that speaking is a good idea especially, you initiated this breakup you said that you didn't want to be in my life anymore so it's best you and I take some time.

If you are receiving mixed messages or signals and are unsure what to do, it's better not to put yourself in a position where anyone in your life makes you feel frustrated or compromised.

Special Advice - Not to engage in that mixed signals examples, don't show them that they can come in out of your life whenever they can. It's nothing to worry about them, as they've crafted a really good situation for themselves.

Just think about yourself first, focus on yourself. How does that situation feel for you being that person, they get to come to hang out with and then discard, it doesn't feel too good.

I hope now you got an idea, why your ex sends mixed messages and how to deal with that, for any queries just leave your comments below at Games in love, we are always happy to advise you through our articles.