Why women leave their ideal marriages

Why women leave their ideal marriages or leave their husbands after 11 or 21 years of being married.

A lot of people don't know how the marriage came about, they don't even know the history of marriage, they don't know the whole concept of marriage but they still want to get involved.

Why do you want to get involved in something that you don't even know?

It might not be for you, this happens every day, unfortunately, people want to get involved because they see everybody else doing it so they want to do it too.

This is why people are losing enlarged and the divorce rate is so high because people are playing a loser's game.

Why do women leave

Marriage is all about control, it's all about stealing what you got and maintaining it. A lot of people don't understand this coz they don't know it.

Advice - Work hard for everything, taking care of family and all the good stuff.

Why wives leave their husbands

When a woman ain't happy, she got a problem with everything that you're doing, the jokes ain't funny no more. Now she's showing you a letter from her attorney.

She planned this thing up months ahead because women get divorce mentally first before they get divorce physically.

Why do wives leave their husbands

A woman should be a compliment to your life, not the focus, working women do not care about your struggles they hang out at the finish line and they pick the winners.

Why women leave

A lot of women are chasing a certain lifestyle today or a certain type of income today more than anything else, they don't really care about kids.

They use the kids as a means of income more than anything, this is why a lot of guys are often out. Women are leaving their kids with the guy and going with another man in most cases, which is why a lot of women are so eager to leave so fast the lead.

There's a lot of reasons why women leave relationships or leave their ideal marriages

1) She's probably got another man,  at the least one on the side he's probably been around for a long time, and if she's a highly decent looking woman after having kids and if she's still attractive to most guys.

If she sees a way that she could leave without any consequences, she probably will because today the laws, attorneys, and the judges are pretty much on the women's side of the game as far as the court system goals.

Note - If a woman doesn't leave it's probably because she doesn't get anybody, she doesn't want to be single but she doesn't want to be with him either, she probably overweight, she's not that confident or she's not that good-looking as much as she used to be.

But on the flip side if a woman is still attractive still can get guys especially young guys she can leave without struggling financially, she'd get child support and maybe alimony for a couple of months, a couple of years, or two years.

She got a decent paying job and if she can make that jump well any consequences he ain't gonna threaten her, anything like that if she can pull it off she'll probably leave.

Advice -  You got to be careful, a lot of women can be very manipulative.

Why do women leave their husbands

2) Women leave their marriage or tend to leave men specifically when you stop chasing. Something, it's their fault and sometimes it's not their fault maybe they lose their job, they get injured, they can't work, they go on disability.

Other times they just get lazy and they stop chasing excellence.

Why do women leave

3) She has not seen an improvement in your ambition or having the ability to get things done then your clock is ticking or you're on the way out right now or have been out.

Women do have the patience for men that haven't done anything in their 21s, they will be patient as long as you express ambition and some competency skills, going out there to get something done to chase excellence then they're willing to be patient in that circumstance or that environment.

But if you've done nothing with your life or not achieved anything in that scenario they just don't have the patience for you and leave from the marriage.

Are you a man on some purpose, you have a vision for something are you executing on it?

Remember, women don't stick around and wait for an incompetent man that does not chase excellence, that gets lazy sits on a couch does nothing but maintains his fantasy lifts.
Leaving a good man
Advice - Make sure that you stay on a purpose, chasing excellence and you're doing the work because even if it doesn't work out, she bounces on you, higher value guys show up as long as you're on a purpose.

Go out and up your social circle to find some better people, hang around with to becoming a better man. The chances of you becoming better are significantly higher so go out.

Why women leave good men or why do women leave their ideal marriages.

Because when men go through a breakup, they are trying to save the relationship or fix what went wrong. The biggest mistake they can make is they start trying to fix the wrong problem.

For example, a lot of guys out there think that the women they love leave them because she's no longer attracted to them. Now that is true but if we don't get to the source of the problem, the thing that's deeper leads to her becoming no longer attracted to you we end up focusing all this energy.

So it's essentially like putting a band-aid over an infected wound rather than digging in and pulling out.

Leaving a good man

4) The guy is no longer making decisions, he is maybe letting her decide what to do on the weekends, what to do socially with friends, where to shop and this also can come in the form of being non-committal to social engagements or no longer really initiating sex with her either.

Note - When the man steps out of being the leader in the relationship emotionally as well as physically the woman stops feeling safe.

She actually has to in order to keep the relationship alive, step into the role of the masculine, and put on this face of being the decision-maker which is not her natural essence.

If she is a feminine woman and you are a masculine man so there is an interesting energetic flip-flop that happens where she begins to lose attraction to you,

Not because she's just losing attraction to you but because she feels that you are not taking any risk in the relationship to be a leader, It requires you to step up and take a risk.

Advice - The more you are able to be comfortable taking risks in your relationship moving things forward, the safer she feels that you are emotionally invested and committed to the relationship.

When she perhaps is emotional you are going to be around to be present with her and listen to her to direct the relationship in a way where she does feel safe.

Why women leave their husbands

5) She didn't feel safe, some of this does overlap with the vision but it also overlaps with any type of strategy that you might have had when you were communicating with her.

If you are trying to fix her if you are trying to logic her or if you are trying to defend yourself when she starts expressing herself emotionally she's not going to feel safe.

The reason she's not going to feel safe is that when she shows up in her true self, her expression, her emotions she feels that it's not wanted or validated by you, which then makes question her reality.

Remember, the more she closes down and protects herself from not feeling safe in your presence, the more she disconnects from you naturally.

Over time what happens is, she will just get to a place where she finally says I just don't feel it anymore.

Note - People in relationships actually withhold their emotions which stops the flow of energy and stops the two of you from being able to really move forward and grow deeper together.

Why women leave their husbands

6) Women leave their ideal marriages is because they didn't feel desired or appreciated by you anymore. This desire and appreciation is something that she needs to feel physical, she needs to feel emotional,

So if you're not initiating sex, if you're not giving her compliments and telling her that you still desire her that she's sexy,  that you love her that there are certain parts of her personality that are so attractive, enticing.

You're not actively trying to keep that honeymoon phase of your relationship alive and rather thinking that's over.

Advice - You have control over the level of desire in the relationship by finding ways in creative ways to express that desire to her, which will then be reflected back to you which creates this momentum in the relationship, it charges up your love life with her on an intimate and emotional physical level.

Why women leave

7) Why women leave their relationship or ideal marriages is because she felt that you are no longer present, present means she felt that she was in a relationship with a stand-in,

So the two of you were in the relationship for maybe several years then suddenly she was no longer important in the time you spent with her, 

 The time that you shared with her was no longer held as sacred but other things began to eclipse her importance in your life.

Maybe it was your work, maybe it was your hobbies or maybe it tripped with her buddies but she felt like, her presence in your life began to get smaller and smaller to the point where she felt that you would have made her feel really needy and would have been something that she could have been used against her.

So rather than express it to you she felt like she had to hold that in and shoulder the burden by herself until finally, she's going to shut down and leave.

Special Advice - Find the root of it and then exercise that from your way of being, so you can truly move forward and break this pattern once and for all and be able to create the type of relationship that you want to create to be able to pull in the type of love that you want in your life.

These are some reasons why women leave their ideal marriages, are you experiencing the same share your views at Games in love.