When is it time to leave a Relationship

A lot of women or men don't know when is it time to leave a relationship.

Relationships are so tricky and they pose the greatest challenge.

Signs it's time to move on

1) Unnecessary happening, when things continue to happen we often think to ourselves if he does or she does I'm done at that point your mind is already getting to the realization that maybe things are not going the direction that you feel they need to go so it is time to move on or leaving someone you love.

 - We hold on to things to God that he will try to save you but in reality to need you to realize and take some steps first.

2) Missing Happiness, the last time you were happy was a month ago and we shouldn't focus a whole lot of our time on happiness but when we are in a relationship that actually becomes a very important factor.

Happiness is the key to the future of the relationship and to your future as an individual we should be able to find happiness within ourselves, if being around the person that we're with continues to make us miserable then it's a sign that something's wrong and time when to leave a relationship.

When to let go of a relationship

3) Thinking of Someone Else, When your mind has started wandering so you assume someone whether it's in the store or somewhere, you start wondering

=> What it would be like to actually go out on a date with them,

That's a sign maybe you need to be ending the relationship.

Advice - Always make sure that you end your current relationship before you ever starts dating someone else.

When to leave

4) Different future goals, you both have a separate aim,  how you going to make that works with different goals so it's important when you're in a relationship with someone that you're going in the same direction it's all called being equally yoked.

Note - When your relationship becomes more like friends than partners, your conversations become less seemingly less romantic and more just friend so your relationship has transitioned to something else you need to pay attention or is it time to leave a relationship.

Should I leave my boyfriend

5) One-sided, when the relationship becomes one-sided. Relationships are all about equality, give and feel needed or to receive and be looked at a relationship, should be about balance each other.

If the relationship becomes one-sided resentment and can lead to problems then it is time to leave a relationship or that's how to give up on someone you love.

Note - When we have invested a lot of time in someone to actually get to the point, but it's not happening the way you think then let them go its process of the relationship.

6) How to know when to give up on a relationship, Panic, or fear when you are spending your whole time in fearful thoughts like physical or mental fear or if you have gone through any kind of domestic violence an afraid to share it with someone else, then it's time for you to really pull the plug on that relationship because it's not a relationship that you can grow it then it's a time to leave a relationship.

When to let go of a Relationship

When to give up on a relationship

7) Psychological abuse, it's very difficult to spot. Psychological abuse is emotional abuse where you are called names verbal abuse. It's a reason to quit a relationship because your brain thinks you're in a state of fight-or-flight and so your hormones have become imbalanced.

If you're afraid to say something around someone then it's time when to leave a relationship.

8) Lying, if you're in a relationship with someone who consistently lies to you then that puts you in a place where you think it's time to leave a relationship when you love a habitual liar,

Then you two do not share a common reality it's the energy that is your relationship is a moving target and so nothing can grow when there's habitual lying in order for a relationship to thrive we have to share a common reality.

Note - when you realize someone who has cheated on you someone who consistently lies to you, someone who promises you the world and never comes through and you wake up one day keep hoping these things but eventually, it's not there, 

You realize that you are in a relationship with someone who doesn't exist then it is time to leave a relationship.

When to move on from a relationship

9) When you're not experiencing love, you're not experiencing activeness, you're not experiencing safety in return it's time to leave.

Note - Relationships are all about thriving you should feel a sense of growth but when you're with someone who insists that you have to change in order for them to love you then it's a sign you're in the wrong relationship and it's time to leave.

Reasons to leave a relationship

10) Repeated failures if we keep having the same issues we're having the same conversations about our relationship and nothing ever changes.

We realize that we're in a relationship that is not changing when we realize that we are being drained by this relationship and we're not growing, we're just surviving that repeatedly the same type of dynamics, and again it goes back to not being able to resolve issues.

When you find yourself repeating patterns over and over it might be time to quit that relationship or is it time to leave a relationship.

Advice - Each relationship poses different challenges but the fundamental quality that stays to all relationships is they are here to be a mirror to your own patterns

11) If the relationship has crossed over a point where it's become controlling, violent, or abusive then that relationship needs to go or it needs to be released. 

The relationship is important to stay in and to learn the lessons you came to learn even if it's poking you, even if it's showing you parts of yourself that you don't want to see it's good to leave that relationship.

Special Advice - If you stay in connection with love so that you can continue to grow emotionally or mentally and relationships help us do that.

If we're in the right relationships we feel that support and in the right relationships, we can grow in many many different ways.

When is it time to leave a relationship once you struggle with these expressions in your love connection it's time to leave the relationship, it's similar to yours or not share your expressions with us at games in love.