Why Is The divorce Rate So High for Pilots

There are a variety of variables that make a couple more likely to get divorced. Some of the big ones include age, lack of contact, and income why is the divorce rate so high for pilots.

Do pilots have high divorce rate

The day that you dreamed of is finally here. You're putting on your brand new uniform and you're going to grab your suitcase. You're hugging your wife and kids and going to the airport for your first flight.

You're so happy to be part of the team that the five legs of the day one go around easily.

At that night's dinner, the Captain laughs at how much he's owing to his ex-girlfriend and how she lives with her new boyfriend in his house. After dinner, you go to bed and easily drift to sleep, dreaming of a new life as a real airline pilot.

After a few days off at home, you'll be back on the road for your next journey. You're partnered with a new captain,  he looks pretty good when you meet in ops.

As you walk to the jet, you're hearing his phone call from his representative, negotiating court dates, and separating assets.

Pilot divorce rate

He gets off the phone, and you know that you've been immediately chosen to be his therapist for the next few days.

The Captain is in the midst of a difficult divorce, not only do they split properties, but they also struggle with the custody of their young children.

Airline pilot divorce rate

One thing you note is that the Captain kept mentioning several of his buddies, who also operated with the airline and went in similar situations.

The trip is finally over and you're going home to your lovely wife and three kids. You can't help but wonder why you're surrounded by people who are going through terrible separations from their partners.

It's just these guys that you happened to be partnered with, or was this just a common trend among your colleagues?

You're happily married, and you can't imagine living a life without your partner. Of course, this job will never interfere with your relationship.

Divorce rates are high across the world, but you might be surprised to hear that the rate of epidemics is approaching in the transport industry.

Do pilots have a high divorce rate

Almost 75% of certain pilot groups have been divorced at least once shocking know.

Some of them were divorced two or three times. Are you kidding me about that?

Why can't all these people with impressive histories, ranging from high-ranking military roles to traveling around the world, manage to make their relationship last?

Is it the job it causes these relationships to fail? Is it the fact that we're going to shape home so much?

Maybe there's something to do with our personalities?

After all, most of us had to be very determined and inspired to face up the challenges of our flying careers.

Marrying a pilot

Airline pilot divorce rate

Is that kind of personality actually not conducive to a stable marriage?

The truth is that the combination of our working lifestyle and our personality is very unusual, and thus needs special attention in order to be successful and beat the odds.
Think of a typical day at work, you're working on a tight schedule, you know what to expect from whom and when. If you are a Captain, you are responsible for ensuring that the operation is carried out as scheduled.

In the meantime,  your family is living at home as normal. Your partner is running the show all right marrying a pilot.
After a few days, you're back home, and now you've got two gentlemen, both of whom have been in charge for the last few days, meeting head to head.

Who's running the show now?

Ideally, there should be no difference between mom and dad running stuff, but in fact, sometimes the two don't exactly fit.

During the study, I found that many spouses were disappointed to keep things going smoothly when their partner was out of work, and when they came home,
the whole family had to adapt to a new set of laws.

The transition is very difficult for many of us who spend half of our lives in a structured world which leads to thinking of separation.

However, it is much easier for you to adapt to their lifestyle while you are at home than it is for them to adapt to yours.

Here is the case especially when the kids are involved.

Note - Those of you who have been flying for some time, know that you never get investment advice from other pilots.

We spend countless hours researching stocks and saving in our retirement accounts. We watch news channels and listen day after day to the so-called experts.

Pilot divorce rate

If you are the object of divorce as more than half of the pilots you've already been flying with then you will most likely lose more than half of your
retirement portfolio.

No matter how much you make in the markets, the 50 percent hit is big and mostly not recoverable.

Of course, money is cheap compared to an emotional divorce.

Why do we spend too much time researching and reading finance?


When the one thing in our lives that could cost half of it, do we ignore it?

Airline pilot divorce rate

Advice - Investing the time to strengthen and sustain the relationship is a well-spent time emotionally and economically.

Want to leave you with this last thought, we're fortunate to have the ability to learn from others. Listen to their experiences and learn from the good and the poor.

Take the positive and strive to make it part of your own life. There is no excuse to make the same mistakes that many people have made.

Advice - Maintaining a healthy relationship in this profession is difficult, but watching others walk the road before you will help you make wise choices.

Pilot wife support

Marry the guy who's treating you the way you want to be treated, Marry the man who is kind, gentle, caring, adoring, loyal, and loving.

Marry the man who cherishes and treats you with respect and dignity. Marry the guy who's going to complete you and you're full! Marry the one your soul longs for the one you can't imagine living your life without!  the man God made for you.

If that guy only happens to be a pilot? Yeah, that's only, it's fantastically beautiful. You have my heartfelt blessing to marry him and, by the way, welcome to our happy airline family!

But never marry a pilot, always marry a man. Choose your spirit, not your career.

Special Advice - Piloting a plane is a high-stress occupation if a marriage has no good communication and an accommodating partner, the likelihood of adultery will put a marriage at risk.

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