Why do I still love him after he cheated

I occasionally hear from wives who are enraged because they miss their unfaithful husbands. Many of them have ejected him from his residence. They felt justified in doing so, and they reasoned that taking such drastic measures would provide them with some relief. Why do I still love him after he cheated.

They are, however, surprised and disappointed to discover that they already miss him. Many people are perplexed by this reaction. They believe they should be filled with rage against him, but this is not the case.

He cheated on me but I miss him

Most women miss their ex at some stage in their lives. We miss the positive aspects of our marriage. We gave our time, resources, encouragement, and love in both large and small ways. We exchanged secrets and intimacies, as well as the difficult issues that come with any long relationship. It's possible that we'll have children together.

When a divorce occurs, people sometimes say things like, You just have to get over it, or Come on! They have no idea how difficult it is to say, all who care for us want us to be happy. They want us to move on and be happy again, but that isn't easy, particularly after such a long marriage.

I still miss him

Someone might say, I'm ashamed about this, but I miss the husband I kicked out three weeks ago because of his affair. I understand that three weeks isn't long at all and that having an affair is an unforgivable sin. But this will happen several times every single hour, and I'll say to myself,

Oh, I guess I'll have to inform my husband about this, or I'll think to myself, I need to tell my husband about this, only to find that I can't easily tell him because I kicked him out. When I get home from a long day, I sometimes find myself wishing he was there to share dinner with me.

Why do I still miss him

I find myself hoping he could tuck the kids into bed, despite the fact that I know this isn't fair to anybody because he made his decision. Every night, he calls the kids to speak with them. He tries to communicate with me, but I'll admit that I'm not particularly friendly with him. I quickly hang up the phone, but I later regret not speaking with him. I delete his texts and emails.

He cheated but I still love him

He promises to make amends if I give him a chance. I'm furious with myself for missing him so much and even considering his offer. What should I do to get it to stop?

I can't think of a reason why this isn't normal. Because no matter what the circumstances, you have to expect it to hurt when the other half is completely engaged in your life one second and then isn't the next. Just because this is the result of an affair does not mean it will be any less painful or that you will be able to avoid feeling the void, he cheated on me but I still love him.

My husband cheated on me and I still love him

My husband cheated on me and I still love him

When a divorce occurs, people sometimes say things like, You just have to get over it, or come on! They have no idea how difficult it is to say, forget about him, all who care for us want us to be happy. They want us to move on and be happy again, but that isn't easy, particularly after such a long marriage.

In terms of how to bring it to a halt, I believe or anticipate that time will take care of it. You'll probably have to deal with and see him for a long time because you have children. Counseling can assist you in making the most healthy transition possible. Regardless of whether they remain together or not, many couples are willing to move on from an affair, but it takes time.

We generally have an inkling that our marriage has deteriorated. We know we can't be the people we want to be while still being married. Our hearts, on the other hand, always take longer to catch up to the fact.

My husband cheated on me but I still love him, You want things to be the way they were before, I wished for my ex return husband's on some days and for his death on others. It's difficult to admit, but it's the facts. Divorce's emotional roller-coaster results in unpredictable, strong feelings. Some days, we just want things to be the way they were before the other woman arrived. We wish we didn't have to see him again some days.

You're remorseful for abandoning him, the majority of divorce petitions are filed by women. They do so often because their husband refuses to change their abusive behavior. Men will normally remain in a relationship as long as their wife helps them to keep up the appearance of a decent, intact family while he proceeds to do things that are detrimental to the marriage. Since they are afraid of being alone, some women turn a blind eye to bad acts.

Note - There are more divorced wives than divorced husbands. Many men, in some way, adopt the victim position as a result of this. They also accuse us of not rehabilitating them.

You two hadn't been together for very long, but the love you shared was genuine, and your bond seemed unbreakable. Your ex was ideal for you and made you feel special you thought of them as your best friend and soul mate. Your relationship was perfect and everything you might have hoped for. People always said you and your partner made a fantastic couple. This was the first person with whom you could see yourself spending a significant amount of time.

I love my husband but he cheated on me, When my husband and I were living apart, I found that keeping myself occupied and focusing on self-improvement and self-care was extremely beneficial. In short, because you didn't know what your life would look like in the future, Choose to rely on yourself and your children. No matter what your husband did. Yet able to keep yourself cool.

Advice - You hold yourself responsible for their infidelity, It's also a matter of vulnerability. You two had something special going before you found out about their infidelity. That's all been broken now. It's difficult for many people who have been cheated on not to blame themselves for their partner's behavior.

So, whenever I felt self-pity or depression, I would force myself to get up, go for a walk, exercise, or do something else that would support myself, my children, or others. I attempted to shift the attention away from the affair and onto something promising for the future.

He cheated but I love him

To be honest, my husband and I did reconcile in the end. This occurred because, after much soul searching and therapy, I came to the honest realization that my life would be better with him in it than without him.

However, I believe you are being too harsh on yourself by expecting yourself to simply not miss him. Your life has been changed as a result of a mistake you did not make. The error does not rule out the possibility of your marriage or the existence of your family.

Advice - Instead of dwelling on the past, try to concentrate on the future. Now is an excellent time to begin a new activity or work on a project you've been putting off.

The first few days, maybe weeks or months will be challenging because your mind will keep bringing up memories of your ex and your relationship with them. However, over time, you can gradually eliminate all signs of them from your everyday life.

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