Most common reasons perfect relationships end

If someone has recently experienced a breakup, they may find it difficult to concentrate on other aspects of their lives. Anything else can fade into the background due to how much pain they are in, most common reasons perfect relationships end.

Why do people break up

Maybe they were with somebody for a long time and had a deep bond with them. As a result, it is normal for them to be in pain now that their relationship has come to an end, breakup reasons.

Reasons people break up

1) Death is unavoidable - What they're going through might be somewhat close to what they'd be going through if anyone else had died. Their ex-partner would not have died, but what they did together would be lost.

This demonstrates that it makes no difference if another person has died or has simply vanished from one's life; it will always be felt like a loss. Their lives will never be the same again in any case.

2) A Incremental Approach - However, if one allows themselves to grieve and work through their feelings, one should be able to get back on their feet. They will note that their symptoms improve as the weeks and months pass.

What had previously faded into the background may now reap reappearance in their lives. As a result, the activities they lost interest in will quickly become things they enjoy doing again.

Why do people breakup

3) External Assistance - Another important consideration would be that they surround themselves with the right people during this time. This is a community of people who will support and help them.

Additionally, doing stuff for these people will provide them with a break from what is going on. If one were an island unto themselves, they would be able to rise again with the aid of others.

4) A Memoir from the Past - They can soon look back on what happened and feel as if they are just recalling something they saw on TV. They will experience feelings as a result, but these emotions will not wash them out.

When they reach this point in their lives, they will realize that although it was difficult at the time, it helped them to develop.

There may have been a variety of things they learned, and they could have even met someone who is a better match.

Note - You stop looking after yourself and living your own life. Although it may seem to be a noble act to commit yourself entirely to a relationship, it ultimately ruins your partner's feelings of attraction towards you.

Reason for break ups

5) The Ideal Situation - One way to look at the situation above is to assume that this is what someone would wish for if they were to break up with someone. They do not want to feel hurt when a relationship ends, but they do want to be able to move on with their lives as time goes on.

However, this isn't going to be the case for everyone. A breakup can cause a lot of pain for some people, and this pain does not go away over time.

Reason for break ups

6) There are two extremes - Unlike the person above, this person may feel a profound sense of loss, but it may not go as far as the person above. They can become suicidal in addition to feeling sad and even hopeless.

Their inner life will be incomplete disarray, and it will seem as though the world has come to an end for them. Their justification for being alive would have vanished, as would their motivation to get out of bed.

Reasons why relationship fail

7) Up &  Down - On the outside, one can appear to be a complete human being, but on the inside, they are anything but. Nothing would be able to keep their thoughts and emotions from swaying like a tiny boat on the sea.

They may have been fine prior to the relationship, making it impossible for them to comprehend that they are in such a mess. That is if they are even capable of thinking clearly at this point in their lives.

Reasons why people break up

This may indicate that they didn't get the kind of treatment they needed as a child to grow a solid core and sense of self. Instead, this would have been a period of neglect for them.

As a result, now that their attachment has ended, it would have brought up all of the pain they have felt during this period of their lives. And because they are feeling this pain now, they will have a greater understanding of how traumatic it must have been when they were a child.

8) There are no foundations - Another way of looking at what happened is to compare it to a house built on sound. They would have been a good pillar if they had received the proper treatment.

The emotional strength inside them would make it easier for them to handle what happened if they had solid foundations. This is why childhood neglect causes so much harm: the solid foundations that are needed to be able to manage life as an adult do not develop; instead, layers upon layers of trauma and even brain damage result.

Reason why people break up

9) Recognize - If you can relate to this and want to make a difference in your life, you can need to seek outside help. This is something that can be accomplished with the help of a therapist or healer.

Working with someone like this allows them to go places they wouldn't be able to go on their own. Someone like this would make it easier for them to confront their emotions and work through their suffering because of their presence.

Prevent your relationship from break up reasons

1) KEEP YOUR PERSONAL LIFE Separate FROM THE RELATIONSHIP - Outside of the partnership, you should follow your own interests and hobbies. Make friends with people who don't have anything to do with your partner. This will make you seem less vulnerable and discourage you from constantly worrying about him.

2) MAINTAIN Expectations AND Limits WITH THE RESPECT YOU DESERVE - This is the most important. Make it a point to put yourself first in the relationship. Allowing your partner to treat you like a second-class citizen is unfair, so make sure your needs are met.

3) BUILD YOUR SELF-ESTEEM AND PRACTICE SELF-LOVE - We draw a partner into our lives who have about the same degree of self-esteem as we do. You'll have more love to offer to your partner if you love yourself, and you'll come off as less insecure. Learn how to overcome negative self-perceptions in order to boost your self-esteem.

4) AVOID GAMES AND TACTICS OF MANIPULATION - The aim of all games and coercion methods is to gain control over your partner. That is why they are ineffective in the long run.

Advice - You must maintain a relatively equitable balance of power between the two of you if you want to keep your relationship intact.

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