I had an affair and went back to my wife

I occasionally hear from faithful women who are concerned about their husband's feelings after his affair has ended. Many women worry that despite their husband's seeming commitment to the marriage, he will miss the drama and the excitement that the affair brought. They are concerned that their marriage would appear dull in comparison, I had an affair and went back to my wife.

Do men miss their affair partners

Extramarital affairs can last anywhere from a month to a year long-term affairs can last up to 13-15 months and about 30%-35% of affairs last two years or longer. It's possible that one of the affair partners will realize that the affair has become more trouble than it's worth it at some point and will end it.

My friend's husband has been doing very well since his affair,  a wife would say. I'm pleasantly surprised because he's been quite helpful with everything I've asked. After work, he returns home. He hasn't gone out in a long time. And he hasn't shown any displeasure with this. But I'm concerned that he'll find remaining at home dull.

Had an affair now what

My spouse did spend a lot of money on the other woman, I am aware of it. They were constantly getting out and about.

My spouse and I cook dinner together and look after our kids. So I'm concerned that he'll lose out on the fun of the affair. I've always thought we had a nice sex life together. However, sex after years of marriage is unlikely to compare to forbidden affair sex. Is it correct that when a man ends an affair, he misses the thrill of it?

Some males, might. Others, on the other hand, are delighted to see it end because living with such secrecy and deceit was exhausting. Although I have never had an affair, I have spoken with and heard from numerous men who have.

But, honestly,  many of them are engrossed in a make-believe fantasy world during the affair.

I miss my affair partner so much

They try to keep the affair and their marriage as separate as possible in their minds. However, once the affair is revealed, the deception and cover-up will no longer be possible. And it is at this point that the spouse must confront the truth of his actions. It's generally only afterward that the gravity of his conduct becomes apparent.


1) Placing This In Context - Many guys in this scenario are terrified of losing their wives and families. They quickly realize that the affair was nothing more than a ruse. Worse, they have now put their family in jeopardy. When a husband is faced with the prospect of losing his wife and his nice, comfortable family, he can begin to place both on a pedestal.

This could explain why he's being so cooperative about staying at home.

Why people have affairs

That isn't to argue that some men genuinely want to salvage their marriage, but are also addicted to the affair and the other lady. So, despite telling their wife that the affair is done and believing that their words are genuine, they continue to interact with the other person because they can't seem to let go of the situation.

However, this does not apply to all men. Because statistics demonstrate that the majority of couples stay together after an affair, I believe that the majority of men want their wives and married. Many people are relieved to be able to participate in their family rites again after fearing that they would no longer be welcome.

As a result, many people are content to spend their nights eating together and spending time with their children.


 Wife talks about affair

2) Calming Your Mind -  Of course, if you think it will help, you can spice things up in any marriage. My spouse and I made a point of stepping outside of our comfort zones after my husband's affair. We went on more trips. We decided to liven up our date nights by committing to try something different once a week. We discovered common interests that we could pursue together.

Those activities were good because they made us feel like we were learning something new during our rehabilitation, which was enjoyable for both of us.

Nevertheless, we couldn't get away from the fact that we were parents with kids. First and foremost, our family came first. We couldn't pretend to be newlyweds with no responsibilities, but we did try to keep things interesting. In the end, neither of us felt bored or that our lives were lacking in intensity.

After everything we'd gone through, simply spending quiet nights with our family in our home felt like a gift, especially since there were times when neither of us was sure our marriage would survive.

I had an affair

3) You can't do something sexually with a lover that you can't do with your spouse unless your partner is against it. So the only reason you'd leave is if your partner doesn't like it or if you believe a need in your relationship isn't being met. If it's significant enough for you to cheat on them, you should seek marriage counseling to see if you can save your relationship. Otherwise, it'll be one incident after another.

There are times when you feel like your partner is the other half of you and other times when you wonder why you even married them in the first place. But if you keep working at it and don't let pride, anger, or your personal wants take precedence over the needs of others, something new will emerge.

Note - Affairs are not spoken in some areas, but they are usually tolerated as a part of everyday life, with little moral judgment or derision. In some circles, having an affair is considered the ultimate betrayal, warranting immediate and dramatic expulsion from one's life. Affairs are painful but accepted in other cases, and spouses try to move forward in health and forgiveness.

What happens after an affair is discovered

An affair is not the same as cheating. When a married lady or man has a relationship or sex while they are legally married, it is called an affair. When one or both of the persons involved are in a relationship but not yet married, cheating occurs.

But does this mean that marriage, and thus sex, with the same person for the rest of your life, will be a dull slog? No,  It will only become that if you allow it to do so and stop trying.

So, in response to the initial question, yes, some guys miss the thrill of the affair. However, most guys, are relieved to be back in their families' life. They see their error and recognize that there is sweetness and comfort in their familial and marital history, which they find comfort in.

If something you cherish is put in jeopardy due to your error, you're typically so relieved to still have it that you don't consider it dull. You're just relieved it's yours. If enthusiasm is a concern, though, there is nothing wrong with attempting to spice things up so that neither of you feels bored or uninterested.

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