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All of your friends and acquaintances seem to be getting married, and you're still stumped as to how to look like a big child during their weddings. However, if you're feeling a little left out when it comes to marriage, you're not alone, in fact, you've got more company than ever, Reasons Not To marry - For Your Marriage.

Reasons Not To Get Married

Persons have entered marriage for the wrong reasons and with the wrong mindset, they are distracted by superficial causes, leaving the essential reasons why they should not marry in the first place unaffected. Here are reasons not to marry, follow along, and be blessed as you read.

1. You should not marry for the sake of lust - People have married for the sake of passion, only to discover afterward that all that glitters isn't gold. People's beauty or ugliness is determined by what emanates from within them, not from the outside.

2. You should not marry out of pity or sympathy - Feeling sorry or sympathetic toward someone's problems for any cause and then deciding to marry them as consolation is a bad option. There is a Jill for every Jack. God is able to provide people with the assistance that is appropriate for their condition. He acts as a guide for the blind, a nurse for the sick, and a comforter for the bereaved.

Reason to not get married

3. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by matchmaking - Nobody knows you better than your God, and his timing and decisions are always the best for you. He is aware of your personality, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. God knows who He has sent to assist you in meeting your needs. Nobody knows the product better than the maker. God has to be a part of the decision we make.

4. You should not feel compelled to marry. Peers and family put pressure on you. No one in this group can truly comprehend the sorrow and heartbreak that their loved ones go through in marriage they can only speculate. In a poor relationship, imagination isn't enough to make things right. When the difficulties become too much for them to handle, they will abandon you.

Reasons to not get married

5. Do not allow yourself to be prophesied into marriage - Any prophecy needs to be confirmed by you. You are not to blame for what God has not revealed to you. God is not a man's respecter. He can tell you what He said about you to someone else. Learn to listen to God for yourself.

6. Don't rush into a marriage. Allow some time to pass. Time reveals secrets, heals scars, and reassures you in your decisions.

Why you shouldn't get married

7. You are still undecided - Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You must be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are willing to go the extra mile. You must remember that a broken engagement is preferable to a broken marriage to save yourself the agony. Take your time to check everything out and make sure you're convinced.

8. He or she has no regard for you - Respect also entails not putting a high value on one's own worth. In such a relationship, your rights, privileges, and those of your relatives are likely to be abused and violated. You don't want to do business with someone you don't respect or who doesn't respect you.

Reasons Not to get married

Why you should never get married

Note - Weddings are costly, Even while there has been a trend toward more simple, do-it-yourself weddings, the costs can still pile up. The average cost of a wedding was $33,391, with heavy spenders-those who spent an average of $60,000 or more on their weddings- spending an average of $105,130 on their wedding day, according to the Knot 2017 Real Weddings Study. That doesn't include the honeymoon. Part of the reason people don't tie the knot is that it's too expensive.

9. He or she does not hold the same religious views as you - Your religious beliefs are the core and pivot around which your entire existence revolves. Agreeing to marry someone who holds opposing viewpoints is like seeking quiet in a storm. Two individuals cannot walk together unless they are in agreement on fundamental issues such as their faith and beliefs.

Why you shouldn t get married

10. Security concerns are number ten - Our appearance, occupation, character, and associations all help to define who we are. You must be able to glimpse into the future and determine whether or not you wish to be associated with this person in the future. Because the two of you become one, marriage provides you an identity.

11. Marriage can bring with it a plethora of financial issues - Due to financial constraints, more older individuals are opting to live together rather than marry. In some areas, rules make spouses responsible for their spouse's debt, which could include a variety of pricey medical expenditures for the elderly.

These will act as a checklist for anyone who is starting a relationship or intending to take their relationship to the next level of marriage. Complete the checklist and allow God to give you peace.

Note - You're apprehensive about getting divorced. It may appear to be a pessimistic reason for never marrying, but the fear of a prospective divorce, as well as the legal, financial, and emotional hardship that comes with divorce, is enough for some to say "I don't want to get married".

When not to get married

12. You're more concerned with your job - Some people are more career-oriented than others. Marriage and long-term committed relationships can take a lot of time and energy, and some people don't want to split their time and focus between work and romance. This isn't to say that working and getting married are necessarily mutually exclusive pursuits some people simply value one over the other.

Anyone wants to get married one day, but they must first choose whether marriage is worthwhile. Worst decisions and motivations inevitably lead to the wrong marital outcomes. Because marriage is such a long-term commitment, it makes sense to understand why one should not rush into it.

Why you should not get  married

People marry for a variety of reasons, including lust, sympathy, manipulation, pressure, and a variety of other factors that lead people to leave a relationship. In situations like this, where a man's life could be extended or shortened, caution is essential.

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