Does The Perfect Imperfect Relationship Exist?

How many of us single people believe that when we marry or enter a relationship, we will achieve the perfection we have always desired? Isn't that a little dramatic? This is how many of us feel about relationships. This is how I used to think about relationships and marriage, Does the perfect imperfect relationship exist?.

However, I have learned an important lesson through the years and through my experiences, which is that nothing or no one is perfect, no matter how perfect they appear to be. I wish I could sit here and tell you that one day I will be the ideal wife, but the truth is that I will not because I am not flawless.

Love Is Two Imperfect

I'm having some difficulties. I have trust difficulties, I have a hard time relying on others, I am used to making my own decisions, and I am the head of my own family all of these things may not seem like a big deal, but they are.

In today's society, there is a lot of speculation and beliefs about what true love is. True love, they say, happens at first sight, that it's a feeling, and that it's not a choice it either happens or doesn't.

I believe that when the time comes for me to marry, I will have a difficult time trusting a husband with my safety and future. The reason for this is that I have my mini-family, a son, and I've been living alone.

Two Imperfect Souls Coming Together

It's difficult to undo previous years of hard work, independence, self-sufficiency, bill-paying, and being the sole responsible party in my household. And these are just a few of my concerns nevertheless, any relationship involves two people, each of whom brings their own set of baggage to the table.

Does True Love Exist

When you meet someone with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, keep in mind that they are not perfect. Even more importantly, you must assess their flaws and decide whether or not you are willing to deal with them. You must recognize that you cannot alter someone when you enter a relationship. Good for them if they change their flaws, but this cannot be our thinking when attempting to unite with someone else.

We must maintain the mindset that these people arrive as is and that if we are willing to be with them, we must accept them as they are. That instance, if you marry someone who has the same troubles as you did when you were dating them, you cannot expect them to miraculously transform into someone else. You can never find perfection in one person the point is to discover the one who has the issues that you can live with and are ready to work on together.

Is Love Real

I used to suffer from the always the other person syndrome until I realized that it wasn't always them, but occasionally it was me. I had some deep-seated psychotic tendencies in the past. You'd think I was a sophisticated spy who belonged in the CIA or something if I told you some of the things I did in previous relationships because of my deep-seated trust issues.

And it's not something I can just brush aside because these are difficulties I've picked up via previous relationships, friendships, and encounters with others. As a result, mistrust has become a part of my daily routine. With that stated, it will need a strong man to cope with it, and I will need to be a strong woman to overcome it.

But the most important thing is to be with someone prepared to accept and work with you on your problems rather than making them worse. And as long as you and your partner are on the same page, and you're both willing to work on your problems, that's what we call love.

So many people confuse love with infatuation or passion, and as soon as that person does something that doesn't fit into the ideal of the phony world we've made in our thoughts, we're ready to bounce and tell ourselves that this can't be genuine. Because of people's excessive expectations of marriage, I believe this is why the divorce rate is so high.

Is Love Real

What Does True Love Feel Like

Many people feel that your real love is the one you were meant to be with. People are set up for disappointment if they believe this. Because relationships are made up of imperfect people, true love will never be perfect.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that love is an emotion. That is, they move on to a new relationship when the sense of love fades or the connection no longer excites them. Love, in reality, is a decision. True love grows when two individuals choose to love each other every day, not only on special occasions.

How To Truly Love Someone

It Doesn't Happen Right Away - Love is a complex emotion that grows with time. You can't love someone you don't know, and you don't fully know someone when you see them for the first time. You may be drawn to them at first sight and want to learn more about them, but you can't truly adore someone at first sight.

When people see me as a single woman in her 30s, they assume I'm desperate. I'm not sure how many men I've turned down because I understand this basic truth about love. I wasn't interested in dealing with their baggage, and they weren't interested in dealing with mine. As a result, I could tell right away that it wasn't going to work. Rather than squandering more of my years in relationships attempting to fit a square jigsaw piece into a round hole, I learn to let go early and be open to the type of connection I desire.

Note - Notice how in fairy tales, "happily ever after" does not arrive until after a struggle or a hardship. That is the essence of true love. You don't get to your "happily ever after" without facing some difficulties. You will never discover the deeper love that is yet to come if you are not ready to stick it out through the difficult times.

Does Love Exist

You'll be a better person as a result of it - True love motivates you to become a better person because you genuinely care about the other person. You strive to be less selfish and to prioritize the other person. You come up with creative ways to make that individual happy. You become more patient, clearer in your communication, and more intent on satisfying the other person.

Couples should be open with each other to sustain intimacy, which entails being willing to hear each other's feedback without being defensive or negative.

What Does Real Love Feel Like

When both people are in touch with a lively, open, and vulnerable aspect of themselves that welcomes new experiences, a relationship thrives. We don't have to love and engage in everything our partner enjoys, but doing new things, going to new locations, and breaking habits may frequently give a relationship a fresh lease on life that feels energizing to both parties.

Note - One of the first lessons most of us learn as children are, to tell the truth. However, in our adult relationships, there can be a lot of dishonesty. We do a significant disservice to our spouse, the relationship, and ourselves when we are dishonest with them. We must trust our partners to feel vulnerable with them, and this can only be achieved via honesty.

Is True Love Real

To sum it up, love is lovely, and it may be a rewarding experience. But accept it for what it is and accept that you will not always be living in Cinderella land. Relationships bring together two people, each with their challenges, baggage, and flaws. The loves come into play when you still care about them despite their flaws and are prepared to wait for them to work through them.

Advice - To prevent forming a fantasy attachment, we must regard the other person as distinct from ourselves. That implies treating them as distinct, self-contained individuals. Couples frequently assume roles or act in power relations. We may give each other advice on what to do or how to behave. Alternatively, we may speak for and about one other in restricting or defining ways.

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