I Saw My Ex Recently And He Looks Terrible

After a relationship has ended, two people may decide to go their separate ways. Then, it will be a clean break, and they will both be content to move on with their lives, I saw my ex recently and he looks terrible.

This can show how they progressively drifted apart because there was nothing to hold them together. By ending the relationship in this manner, neither of them would have had to develop a hatred for the other before taking action.

Someone Who Puts Others Down To Make Themselves Feel Better - They wouldn't have had to go through as much suffering and drama as a result of this. But if none of them had the same amount of self-awareness that they do, the outcome might have been different.

Without this, their relationship might have had to worsen significantly before any action was taken. The possibility remains that, even if the relationship had lasted longer, it might have developed substantially differently.

To Make Someone Feel Inferior

On the other hand, one of them might have reached the point when they realized it was no longer effective. Perhaps after spending some time with them, it became apparent that their paths were very different.

They might have eventually confided in their partner and gotten their partner's acceptance of what was going on for them. This would have prevented a lot of tension from escalating and allowed them to part ways in a more amicable way.

If this is what happened, it can be argued that it happened much more frequently than the other event. This is because it is uncommon for both parties to feel the same level of attraction for one another.

Narcissist Making You Feel Guilty

This causes one person to lose interest while the other continues to feel extremely drawn to them. Thus, a breakup may be very easy for one individual while being excruciatingly agonizing for another.

No of how the relationship ended, neither of them could have any interest in disparaging the other. While neither of them will be able to avoid feeling wounded or furious, they won't feel the need to harm the other person.

Therefore, if one of them is not feeling well, they will take the necessary steps to deal with their discomfort. The energy needed for the other person to heal themselves would be taken away if they were attacked.

Feel Inferior

Even if the other person is not in great pain, they may still have issues to go through. Although they are well aware of how inefficient it would be to spend their time criticizing their ex, they might still focus the majority of their efforts on other aspects of their lives.

This doesn't exclude them from discussing what happened, say, with a close friend, but they won't make an effort to make their ex regret it. They can digest what happened and begin to progressively integrate the event if they get this out.

But because it's not always feasible for someone to move on in this way, this won't always be what happens. Instead, one of them may wind up going to great lengths to discredit the other.

Feeling Inferior

Strangely enough, the person who is attempting to harm their ex's reputation may also be the one who caused the most harm. It will therefore appear as though one person was wicked and the other was entirely innocent, even though there may have been issues on both sides.

Note - Love has a ferocious way of holding us to those who hurt us. The family issue is that we learn to live in their worldview as children, taking their methods for granted as universal truths. We believe them, pay attention to what they say, and take it all in.

There would have been a period for all of us when, despite the signals from our family's being incredibly detrimental, we would have all reacted to them with a stunning naivety, soaking up every detail and letting it mold who we were becoming as children.

Feeling Inferior

Feeling Less Than

It may thus appear that the person in question is solely concerned with looking good for themselves and has no regard for their ex. If doing so means damaging their ex's reputation, so be it.

Even while it would appear that this is the main focus, there probably is more to it. It is that someone would try to do this to suppress their own emotions.

They might have encountered a lot of humiliation after their ex left them, and what transpired next will be a way for them to keep this shame away. Then, to prevent themselves from feeling completely unworthy, they try to reduce the value of their ex.

This demonstrates that they are unaware of their true worth, which is determined by how other people view them. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why they would act in this manner.

When Someone Makes You Feel Inadequate

They would have probably been secretly scared that their ex would malign them if they didn't do this to them. Then, it came down to making them appear awful or letting their ex expose their flaws to the public.

If this had happened, one wouldn't have merely felt useless they would have felt far worse. They would have felt less than human as a result of this, permeating every aspect of their being.

Making Someone Feel Less Than

The optimum course of action for someone in this situation would be to seek out outside assistance to deal with their internal suffering. It's experienced a very abusive upbringing.

Note - One only sets themselves and their partner up for heartache when they enter a new relationship before they are genuinely ready. You end up denying your new partner the chance to truly get to know the real you.

Toxic individuals acquired their behavior during their formative years, either via exposure to the toxic behavior of others or by over-appreciation without receiving instruction in the crucial skill of empathy.

Feeling Less Than Others

Other traits like respect, kindness, and compassion will also be lacking in a toxic relationship, but the behavior of a toxic person is primarily characterized by a lack of concern for how their actions affect other people.

Note - Few things will increase feelings of uneasiness or a need for control more than when someone challenges familiar, ingrained behavior or makes an effort to shatter relationships' long-standing, ingrained patterns.

People will always do more of what used to work when things don't seem to be working, even if that behavior is the root of the issue. We all engage in it. If you are naturally open and giving, you will probably give more of yourself when things don't feel right in a relationship.

Feel Less Than

People who are in a toxic relationship may occasionally forsake change and growth out of misdirected love and loyalty and return to the constricting, tiny space that the toxic person has been manipulating them into. Love never prevents someone from developing.

 It does not deteriorate or pollute. It feels like love when someone cares for you. It exudes a feeling of strength, nurturing, and life. It is not love if it doesn't act in this way. It's self-serving nonsense made to keep you linked to other people's expectations of who you ought to be.

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