Top Worst Ways To Break Up A Relationship

In certain situations, the need to end the relationship is so powerful that you are compelled to act before you have a chance to consider it. This almost always comes out as callous, cowardly, immature, and can lead to a lot more suffering than it needs to, Top Worst Ways to Break Up a Relationship.

In The Worst Way

Some people try to take the easy way out or are just plain cruel by nature, and as a result, they don't care about the time and effort that went into the relationship, their partner's feelings, or some of the worst ways to end a relationship.

Sending a Written Message of Any Kind - Although breaking up with someone you once cared about and spent time with via email, text, IM, Snapchat, or social media may seem like the quickest, simplest, and easiest way to avoid conflict, doing so will only lead to more conflict and prolong the breakup process because they will have so many questions for you to address.

Note - The greatest thing to do if you have gone through a severe breakup, especially if it was harsh, is to go to counseling to help you move. It can be difficult to initiate a breakup when it's something as unpleasant as that, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't at least try to be courteous and honest rather than unduly cold or unkind.

Worst Way To Break Up With Someone

Sending a written message to end a relationship is incredibly nasty, callous, and immature.

A phone call is just another vile and brutal technique to end your relationship with your lover. Do it in person rather than being cowardly.

Note - The best course of action is always to be honest, and this rule also applies to ending a relationship. Even though your soon-to-be ex will find hearing the truth about why they're being dumped painful, it's still preferable to them being told an obvious lie.

While you don't have to go into every specific about why you're breaking up, cliches and lies will only exacerbate the situation.

Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

While drinking-related intoxication - Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol may give you the confidence you need to end your relationship, but it is ineffective since your partner won't take you seriously and there's a chance you'll say something you later come to regret because it all turned out badly for you. Being in a calm state of mind makes it much easier to explain and honestly respond to inquiries.

Note - It's important to talk to your partner about your feelings before acting on them if you're dissatisfied in your relationship and considering cheating, especially if you believe that your thoughts are a subconscious attempt to end the relationship.

Some people find it simplest to end a relationship by losing trust and being unfaithful in doing so, they almost always end up getting caught. It may take a lot longer for someone to recover from cheating on their partner because this can increase their partner's dread of being cheated on in the future.

Worst Breakups

Getting another person to complete it for you - It is truly the lowest of lows, immature, and just serves to highlight how much of a coward you are to ask a friend or another person to carry out your dirty work for you. Have the courtesy to end the relationship directly and personally.

Note - The joy of understanding why their spouse chose to end things without talking to them is not provided by a breakup by text or email. It's emotionally draining to not know whether there was even a chance they could reconcile or work through their issues because it leaves a lot of things unanswered, much like when someone ghosts.

Worst Breakups

Bad Reasons To Break Up

by purposefully causing a conflict - It's just so sad and insulting to your partner to purposefully provoke a quarrel about a minor problem or a previous disagreement to end your relationship. When the relationship is over, the fight will be a memory that they will replay over and over. They will soon realize how you used them for your gain and will resent you for it.

Note - Being a jerk merely makes you hurtful and insensitive. Showing her your bad side won't help her because, if you think about it, how would you feel if a close friend suddenly began behaving arrogantly and dismissively one day? You might even take it a step further and try to figure out what's going on. They want to leave the relationship, which will be the last thing to hit you.

Abrupt Break Up

Being exposed as a cheater - Making sure your partner discovers your infidelity will make them want to end things with you, but it will also put both of you through a lot of unnecessary agonies, make them despise you, and damage your reputation.

Note - That's how fading away happens. It's more terrible than ghosting in many ways because the suffering lasts longer. You pretend to be kind to them even though you are not. This is worse than ghosting because at the very least it confuses the unfortunate animal, who is constantly suffering new wounds. At worst, both for them and for you, it's a slow and unpleasant process.

Break Up In Public

in an open setting - It is never a good idea to break up with your partner in a public setting when many people are present because there will undoubtedly be a response and conceivably a spectacle that embarrasses you both. After all, it may end up being put online and you will both have to relive it repeatedly.

Note - The cruelest way to ruin a relationship or friendship is to abruptly start criticizing everything the other person does or says. Now you might be saying to yourself, "Hey, at least I'm finally being honest," but that's not how it works out. It feels like "daily de-validation" to him coming from the person he loves or respects the most possibly after his parents. It's cruel, inconsiderate, and akin to torture in the mind.

Casual Dating Break Up Etiquette

One final date night out - Breaking up with your lover after one last romantic evening together won't help the pain go away or make it easier, on the contrary, it will simply make them confused since they will believe that you are attempting to make things work.

Note - This is a tasteful yet non-spin method of breaking up. One of the worst things you could do is tell that you think it's a good idea to get some space or take a break when you mean to terminate things forever. Because it tortures the other person with the promise of something that will never be, it is worse than the other methods we've explored thus far.

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