How Are Women Unconsciously Attracted To Abusive Partners?

When it comes to personal relationships, women may discover that they have the propensity to be drawn to unattractive guys. She might find it difficult to comprehend what is happening as a result, How are women unconsciously attracted to abusive partners?

She can feel like a victim because of the interactions she has had with so many different males. Then, she will be the target of guys who wish to hurt her, and she will have little control over the situation.

Abusive Relationship

The kind of man she wants to be with will be on one side, and the kind of man she ends up with will be on the other. She can appear to have little control over this aspect of her life.

She could think that meeting a different man will be the only way her life can be changed. She might also discover that while meeting men, she wasn't drawn to them despite their differences.

She might not give it much attention even though it happened since she prefers to think of herself as a victim. Her life will probably continue on the same course if this happens.

Note - Abuse cycles might change at any time. Your lover could be affectionate and passionate one day while being uncaring or abusive the next.

Abusive Relationships

An abusive partner could occasionally show you small acts of compassion if they notice you are backing away. These actions can be a welcome change if you've been having a difficult time.

On the other hand, if she were to consider this, she would find it challenging to comprehend why this occurs. She will then need to get away from a man for some reason, even though he will treat her with respect and be trustworthy and consistent, among other qualities.

She will discover that a bad relationship with a man will have a significant impact on her. The implication is that even though her mind will encounter resistance when she is with a man like this, her body will react differently. This is not to say that she will have only positive thoughts racing through her mind.

Note - You could feel uncomfortable when your beliefs and your experiences don't line up. It makes sense to desire to stay away from such discomfort. Because of this, a typical reaction to abuse could be to partake in actions or hobbies that lessen the discomfort.

Why Do People Stay In Abusive Relationships

Each person will react differently to this. Others may choose to ignore, rationalize, or justify the situation while some choose to leave to avoid feeling upset.

You could find it harder to separate yourself from the affection you have for your lover as a result of these activities.

In other words, even if her body may want her to stay, her head may be telling her to leave. She will thus find it more difficult to break things off with a man like this due to internal conflict, which will make her continue in a relationship that is not beneficial to her.

Love Abuse

She won't be able to feel good about herself since a man like this could hurt her physically or verbally. She might be unsure of her position with him or whether he intends to leave.

Note - It is common to experience affection for someone who has abused you. There are numerous explanations for why this might occur, particularly if the abuse started before the love.

They might have chemistry with you or possess attributes that you still find attractive. They might occasionally treat you well or make you feel a specific way.

These other feelings may persist once you recognize that some of their actions are harmful. You might start to wonder how you could love someone who hurts you in this situation. Being in a relationship is not the same as being in love,

Thereafter, this connection will be devoid of any constancy, love, and respect. She will suffer in a relationship like this, which means that almost every other aspect of her life could also disintegrate.

How Does It Feel To Be In An Abusive Relationship

A lady in this situation might hear from her friends that ending the relationship is all that is necessary. They might even claim that this is just how males are, which would indicate that their pals are also not doing well.

She may escape a dangerous situation by walking away, but if nothing changes, she can find herself back there soon. The crucial query is Why does this keep happening?

It will be crucial for her to discover what is happening in her unconscious mind if she is to understand why she tends to end up with abusive men and to stay far away from the ones who aren't. She is unlikely to find the solutions she needs if she focuses only on her conscious thoughts.

This part of her will interpret her dislike of being with a violent man as proof that this is not what she wants. If she digs deeper, she might discover that she feels safest when she is with an abusive partner.

Abusive Relationship

Abusive Partner

It will be crucial for her to avoid being overly connected to the ideas that come to mind at this time since doing so will make it more difficult for her to fully connect with what is happening on a deeper level.

The fact that the mind forgets what it has forgotten is what will cause her mind to have trouble comprehending why this would be what feels safe. This is just a defense mechanism.

Because of what happened during her early years, this is what she perceives as safe. She may not have had good treatment from her father at this point in her life, and there was nothing she could have done to defend herself.

Love And Abuse

Note - Your mind may be trying to shield you from unpleasant and upsetting feelings when you're in denial about something. It is a coping mechanism for pain. It might not affect you if you don't notice it. It does, though.

For instance, you can think that abuse will never affect you. Because of this, you coin new titles or justifications for some of your partner's actions.

In other words, if you can't believe your partner is abusing you, you could still love and stay with them. Men who are subject to abuse may be especially prone to denial and disbelief. This can be a result of social pressure and the stigma associated with female abusive spouses.

In Abusive Relationship

Note - Some manipulative partners may utilize techniques that make you feel unsure of your emotions and unsure of what to do next.

For instance, some people with a narcissistic personality disorder may play psychological games with you that could lead to love and attachment feelings. Additionally, they might occasionally act like the victim, which might make you feel sympathetic and caring.

Being mistreated by her father would have been upsetting at first, but with time, she would have grown accustomed to this behavior. The unconscious mind categorizes what is familiar as safe.

It will therefore be natural for her to be lured to a man who will enable her to relive what happened all those years ago and to play out the same dramas since being treated in this way is what feels safe.

She will undoubtedly feel a significant degree of shame because these events would have led her to assume that she was unimportant.

Why People Stay In Abusive Relationships

Another way to look at this is to argue that she is being forced by her unconscious mind to relive her formative experiences to cope with her suffering and progress. Repetition compulsion is what is referred to as this.

The issue is that she won't be able to apply the information being provided to her and progressively change her life unless she is aware of what is happening. What might occur is that she might grow resentful and end up blaming all men.

If a woman can identify with this and wants to change this aspect of her life, she might need to seek out outside assistance.

Being In An Abusive Relationship

Note - There is never any excuse for you to be the victim of abuse. There is no justification for anyone to deserve to suffer any kind of harm.

And even though nothing you have done merits this treatment, some mental health issues may cause you to unintentionally enter into a relationship of this nature and develop feelings of love for an abusive partner.

According to research, some personality disorders may increase a woman's likelihood of being in an abusive relationship.

These include dependent, schizoid, avoidant, and borderline personality disorders.

Abusive Relationship

Going back to how you might be emphasizing your partner's experiences, you might be leading your relationship with empathy. This suggests that you might want to stick around and take care of your companion, playing the role of the rescuer or healer.

You can also believe that if you put more effort into them or show them, unwavering love, they will change. Although compassion and empathy are crucial in human interactions.

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