10 Qualities That Make Women Attractive

It's good for you to be aware of these things so that you can make sure your details are on point, 10 qualities that make women attractive.

When we think of what makes women attractive it's a slimmer waistline a bigger bust line those measurements it's been plastered all over but what really makes women attractive or signs of a good woman.

What is a good woman

1) Authenticity - It's to be who you are, not try to become somebody else, or try to be perfect. A lot of times, females think we're perfect.

They think that they have to be perfect there's some ideal standard that they're always reaching but as per men, when a woman can let her guard down and share with him that she's not perfect,

Doesn't force him to because that's their standards, ideals on somebody else. It gives a lot of room to really fall for somebody and enjoy that other person. so the level of authenticity is a must which makes women attractive.

Characteristics of a strong woman

2) Confidence - Bringing a level of confidence and self-confidence to your interactions as well as to your relationships. In order to do this, you have to be really comfortable with who you are. It really takes care of you and supports you in life, so having the confidence, to just be with yourself and be outspoken cuz how you hold yourself has a lot to do with who you're gonna attract.

You can be a little bit more provocative confidence, a little bit more feminine confident, gracious confident, there are different variations. But the most important is that you carry yourself with confidence.

Another most attractive quality in a woman.

3) Smile - Your smile, so how often do you smile, do you smile all the time, do you think it's weird to smile all the time. It's incredibly important, like really important. It's something that makes men connect with you, it makes them feel like you add this positive value to their life.

Note - The majority of rich men do find a beautiful smile incredibly attractive.

Do you have some judgment about a smile?

Note - Men think the smile is the most attractive quality in females, it can be your smile. They can see nothing else about you, they don't even see flaws.

When you smile it lights up a room.

Remember, the smile is the point where a man knows he made you happy, men are always looking to make you happy so the more that you smile the more they think they're winning.

If you're not smiling they think they're actually losing so the more you smile the more they know they're gonna win.

Characteristics of a strong woman

Advice - Do it naturally, if you have a beautiful smile.

The other most attractive quality in women is,

What makes a woman desirable

4) Supportive Nature - By nature, you're very nurturing, you do that amongst your friends, do that in other places but when it comes to the male-female relationship a lot of times you can become competitive so you're not overly giving with your compliments, you think that maybe they need to earn them.

 Advice - Being a good woman, starts doing from the inside out which makes a woman more attractive.

Girls personality

5) Hair - Long, healthy, thick hair. Unfortunately, some women do not belong to the category of women who have naturally long and thick hair.

They have very fine hair that breaks. So they have to wear extensions. Extensions can be a substitute if done well, styled correctly, then yes, of course, you can fake it until you make it.

But those who really have this naturally, tend to have a little bit better advantage in this department because long healthy hair signals good health. It makes women attractive, That's why men love it and find women more attractive. If you are blessed then make use of it.

More qualities that make women attractive,

Definition of a good woman

6) Emotional Matching - You're naturally drawn to people who mirror your personality traits, for example, if you're smart and creative you'll find those same things attractive in another person but how do you know which traits you're most attracted to.

In other words, your personality might not be attractive to some people but to others, you're much more attractive than you realize.

What do you look for in a girl Hm?

7) External Predictions - How do you know, how attractive you are it's a difficult thing to figure out, you can try to look in the mirror and rate yourself but people get it wrong because they're looking at themselves from their own perspective.

They see in the mirror every single morning, your own face doesn't look special. But in reality, no one else would ever notice those tiny flaws to accurately judge your own attractiveness, you need to change your perspective.

Advice - If you want to know how attractive you are,  really look at yourself from a new perspective.

8) Powerful Connections - What makes the perfect woman, your body isn't the only thing that makes you attractive in fact a strong emotional connection can outweigh good looks.

Emotional connection transforms the way you look at someone not only do you feel closer to them but it also changes how and why you find them attractive.

Advice - If you form a positive connection with someone you see them in a more attractive way.

9) Bold and Brave Courage - Another quality that attracts all kinds of people, most are afraid to be themselves, they're worried about what people are going to think they're scared of looking stupid.

But if you don't apologize for who you are people will feel drawn to you because that bold and brave attitude makes them admire you, respect you and find you more attractive.

10) Infectious Enthusiasm - Women that get us, excited people whose enthusiasm spreads like wildfire no matter who they're talking to, enthusiasm is an incredibly attractive quality or trait for so many reasons.

It makes you feel special and important when someone shows a genuine interest in you, their enthusiasm also leaves you feeling happy, confident, and secure.

You're more willing to bring down your walls and open yourself up to a stronger emotional bond.

Special Advice
 - Pay attention to the way people behave around you if their voice or body language starts to change it's probably because they find you attractive.

These are the 10 qualities that make women attractive,  share your qualities too at Games in love.