How to date someone with depression

Dating someone with depression can be stressed, frustrating and you want to give up you feel absolutely helpless because nothing you try ever seems to work to make them feel, How to date someone with depression.

Dating a depressed person

You can successfully date someone with depression and love them so they can feel supported.

Dating a partner with depression or suffering from depressing doesn't mean that your love life is over but it does mean you need to approach dating in a slightly different way.

When they want to come to you for help, you'll be there for them in the best possible way.

Dating someone with depression advice

Selfish Disease - Depression is a selfish disease when it happens then no one cares about you, it's your problems, your issues and only you can solve it but the other sad thing about depression is you don't think you can, you feel completely helpless in your own world.

But depression is a protection mechanism that means someone who's struggling with depression they've learned through life experience, they cannot really achieve what they want, they cannot get the life they feel they deserve because of that they've completely given up.

Depression emotions, are telling that person is no one can help them not even themself this creates a sense of out, he's giving up on the world because they've already tried in their own mind.

=>You need to recognize the most important thing that the depression is not about you it's all about them.

Advice - In these crazy times stay safe and healthy, you'll fight this together.

Being in a relationship with someone with depression, Dating or loving someone with mental health can be even more of a challenge, they tend to talk themselves down and wallow in their feelings of hopelessness.

Depression builds walls around, people letting a lot of emotional distance between you and your loved ones yet you continue to reach out and support them  because you're connected to them,

You love them after all one of the most beautiful, powerful things in life is true human connection nurturing.

Advice - It can help you find happiness even in the darkest times, it will help you restore what depression has taken away.

Dating someone with anxiety and depression

1) Stronger, than most when was the last time you were in any sort of heated conflict physical or verbal. Imagine that energy expenditure but inside your head, it never ends.

Fighting depression is a constant battle with your own mind with the weapons of loneliness, emptiness, and hopelessness. Imagine whoever has fought against depression is likely one of the strongest most resilient individuals.

2) Understanding, they're more understanding people, who have depression become more understanding and empathetic to the suffering of others

They know how it feels to be shunned and ignored by others because of this they tend to be more open-minded and non-judgmental.

Advice - It's easy to let yourself be emotionally vulnerable with them because they can easily empathize with whatever it is you may be feeling and they'll likely understand your point of view better than others.

Dating someone with anxiety and depression

3) Honest, they're more honest. Depression has the tendency to make those who suffer from it more brutally honest. They understand what it's like to be ignored, they also understand what it's like to have their time wasted, feelings hurt by fake and false promises.

You can always trust them to tell you the truth, no matter how ugly or painful it may be they don't usually have any ulterior motives behind their words or actions because they put a lot of value in a person's sincerity and straightforwardness.

4) Appreciative, they're quite appreciative. Those with depression don't really want to be left all alone, they value and are grateful for those who stay by their side, making that effort to connect and reach out.

But they don't want to burden you by pretending, they need it too much they're very appreciative, they're just trying not to be creepy about it.

5) Good listeners, they're good listeners. Someone who's depressed tends to feel lonely and misunderstood so they go out of their way to ensure that their loved ones don't feel that way you are heard and accepted.

They know how amazing it can feel to have someone, so they're eager to return any empathy and support others.

Advice - Gives them hope and purpose. When given proper support and care, people are the same way those with mental illnesses

Being in a relationship with someone who has depression, Emotional Support, when the depression is overcoming that person they feel completely helpless, they need an emotional solution, they need to go to the emotional core of the issue and heal it from that point.

Once you can heal the emotions from the core issue then logical solutions can take place.

One of the most important aspects for you to recognize, when it comes to dating or loving someone with depression is that there is no advice you can give to help them, you just simply have to be there for them in an emotional way but being understanding and reflecting back exactly.

Remember, when someone has depression their emotions are so powerful that it will affect you, the more you try to make their depression about you, the more you're gonna be dragged down.

Note - You can still show empathy and understanding without letting those emotions affect you.

You need to have that emotional distance, if you are there for them by showing empathy it is more than what they need. It's the only thing they really need, they don't need you to feel their depression for them.

So stay positive it's exactly what they really need.

=> Self-care, when their depression is absolute worst your self-care is extremely important whether it's working out, doing yoga, or meditating. Focus on our self-care.

Depression cures, being with someone with depression

a) One of the best cures for depression is staying occupied basically staying busy makes it difficult for your mind to ruminate on things that worry you, do something active, something different will keep your mind occupied and help you bond with someone.

b) Depression can be lessened by learning new things, so find a new hobby to dig into, learn new activities, or check out DIY projects available on the Internet.

c) Psychologically sometimes we get depressed because our brains want to ruminate on past emotional traumas, give the brain something new to learn, and even try it with someone you want to date.

Special Advice - Encouragement, understanding and simply being there to help them. When showed empathy they felt so supported, loved, and accepted that it actually helped them to get out of the depression.

How to date someone with depression can be difficult but not impossible, are you undergoing the same situation, write to us at Games in love.