Love Forever

When you become close to someone you can hear their voice in your head, 6 Strange Facts About Love Forever.

When you think about love, you can imagine picnics in the park holding your hands and watching the sunset, and living happily ever after.

We all have expectations when it comes to others and love itself you may even have a list of things your soulmate should embody, indeed love occupies a special place not only in the human heart but in our minds, history as well as in our society.

6 Strange interesting Facts About Loveforever

1) Butterflies in the stomach

Butterflies in the stomach are a real stress-related thing, it's not actual butterflies rather your autonomic nervous system anxiety and fear trigger what's called your fight-or-flight response.

An evolutionary holdover from our more primal days, when we might have to run away from a predator, maybe unsurprising affection, causes a great deal of these same feelings for us your heart on the line is dangerous.

This is why it makes your dopamine surge to look at someone you're falling for, sends your heart racing and blood pumping from your stomach to cause a floating and fluttering feeling.

2) Love and Lust

Activate different regions in the brain researchers say that lust and love involve different intentions goals and interests by imaging the brain scientists have found that we can differentiate in the triggered regions of the brain responsible for love and lust.

The study found that love and lust activate different areas of the striatum, lust triggers the same region that is normally triggered by enjoyment, such as sex.

Love activates the same part that's associated with a reward which happens to be the same region.

Love Facts 

=> When you leave a drug, when you are separated from the one you love, your body releases a hormone released through withdrawal, through withdrawal symptoms similar to going through withdrawal. The stress reaction that causes you to feel anxious and depressed is why love can be addictive.

If you're not happy with your addiction, you will go through withdrawal from being the only one you love to be able to satisfy this internal chaos.

3) Same Level of Attractiveness

People at the same level of attractiveness are more likely to end up together a great deal of psychological and social research suggests there is a significant pattern.

When it comes to forming romantic relationships, this phenomenon is clarified by a matching theory that states that people are more attracted to those with whom they share the same degree of attractiveness.

They are similarly socially appealing, and even though one member of a pair is not as beautiful as the other physically, they prefer to make up for it with attributes that others want socially like kindness and intellect.

Note -  Love makes you taste things differently.

Fun fact about Love

4) Love makes you lose your focus

Love can make you less productive while being lovesick hasn't resulted in any specific diagnosis, studies show that being in love makes focus falter,  being in passionate love seems to lead to less efficiency in individual performance.

In short, getting someone on your mind constantly makes you lose your ability to concentrate.

A love forever

=> If you look into your lover's eyes, it causes your heartbeat to sink, it's not a hard and quick rule, but if you share along with a glance with your heartbeat partner it can happen.

Researchers found that lovers who stared into one another's eyes for a full minute had nearly the same heart rates. 
It may be due to the sharing of such a profound physical and emotional bond with others.
Love fact

Interesting fact about love

5) Kissing

Kissing can help you choose the right partner, kissing is a long-standing way to show your partner you care but it can also help you find the right partner in the first place.

Studies find that kissing can be a deciding factor when it comes to people choosing a partner, men and women measure compatibility a great deal with how their partners kiss.

Note -  The frequency of kissing is associated with the overall quality of the relationship.

Special Note -  Love and sex influences creativity and concrete thinking. Sex on the other hand trigger concrete thinking it makes a person think about here and now the day-to-day details.

Interesting facts about life and Love

a) Men fall in love faster than women while women are often perceived to fall in love faster than their males. A study has found that men appear to fall in love more quickly than women do.

Remember, men tend to say I love you first in a relationship.

b) Love can reduce your pain, love can take away your pain as well,  not just the emotional kind when people are in love with their lives and moods change.

Strong feelings of passionate love can relieve physical pain.

Love Fact

c) Love also has healing powers, they say that time and love can heal all wounds and they may be, research has shown that there is a link between stress and how fast wounds take to heal.

Weird but true facts about love, A loving relationship means a healthy heart being in a healthy relationship or marriage has its benefits, importantly a study showed that married couples have lower rates of cardiovascular disease compared to singles and those who are divorced or widowed.

Advice -  Love language will help you appreciate better knowing your partner's love language means you understand what is important to them and it's the best way to let them know that you love them.

6) Similar Couple

Couples who are too similar to each other are not likely to last, couples who are too similar may not always be the best match in fact any kind of extreme in a partnership is to its detriment if there are too many similarities or too many variations.

Research shows that it's best to provide a basis for similarities, but differences are important in this way that couples can do things independently and benefit from each other as well.

Note - Love is both simple and complex it is a fascinating subject and is sure to surprise and excite.

True Facts About Love

=> People generally prefer an attractive face over a beautiful body when they're looking for a long-term relationship.

=> People are most likely to break up while in a relationship between 2 and 4 months.

=> Men, who have deeper voices are more probable than males who have greater voices to appear appealing or create an impression on females?

Interesting facts about love

=> Couples who laugh together for half a minute a day are more likely to have a stronger link.

=> If a man likes a woman, he can't help but tell his buddies about it.

=> The more that you speak of someone the more that person you fall in love with.

Remember, it is impossible to remain angry at someone you genuinely love if anger lasting for more than three days indicates that you're not in love.

Special Note - Love can leave a memory nobody can steal but also, leave a pain that no one can heal.

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