How To Build A Relationship Based In Interdependence

Whenever anyone initially begins to spend time with another individual, they may only have positive emotions. If there are times when they don't, these will likely pass quickly, How to build a relationship based in interdependence.

Interdependent relationship

Family and a small group of best friends are the most common sources of closeness. Most work is required to nurture and maintain interpersonal relationships. These are the connections that bring you the most happiness and fulfillment. An interpersonal relationship is a connection between two or more people that might be temporary or long-term.

The same might be said while they are not in the company of the other person, with this being a period when they will feel good anytime they think about them. If there are times when they don't, these will likely pass quickly.


Human relationships are living, breathing systems that change all the time. Relationships, like biological organisms, have a beginning, a lifespan, and an end. They develop and improve over time as people get to know one another and get emotionally closer.

1) A Progressive Improvement, However, as the weeks and months pass, they may notice that their mental state shifts. There may be instances when they don't feel good about themselves when they're with their partner, and the same may be true when they think about them.

Whenever this happens, one may experience a great deal of emotional distress. One can believe that the reason they are feeling different is due to something their partner has done or because their partner has changed in some way.

Interdependency Relationship

2) Direction, There will be no need for them to take a step back and see whether there is more to it if they reach this conclusion. What is going on in the world will be the cause, and they will have had nothing to do with how they feel.

As a result, they may wind up blaming their partner, despite the fact that they are the ones who are at blame. Your partner may or may not agree with them, and they may or may not push back.

Interdependence in Relationship

3) Out of control, If their spouse goes along with it, it could indicate that their partner has a hazy understanding of what they are and are not accountable for. As a result, it will be natural for them to take responsibility for events that are beyond their control.

If their partner, on the other hand, draws the line and refuses to participate in activities that are unrelated to them, they should consider what role they are playing in their feelings. If they do so, it will benefit their connection as well as one's individual progress.

Interdependence Relationship

4) A Different Point of View, This is because one will take responsibility for their own wounds rather than blaming their spouse for what has been sparked within them. This will prevent them from projecting their problems onto their spouse, allowing them to work through their internal wounds.

These internal wounds can be related to events that occurred in their adult lives as well as those that occurred during their youth. An inner wound, unlike a physical wound, does not heal on its own.

Note - We often imagine a fantastic, tight, lifelong relationship with our most important individual when we think of our ideal partnerships.

Interdependent Relationship

Interdependent Relations

A partnership that allows us to be ourselves while also supporting our progress and allowing us to be flexible with one other.

5) Appearance, Their conscious mind can simply cover up and forget about an emotional wound. The disadvantage is that when it comes to light months or even years later, one can blame another person for their feelings.

To cure an emotional hurt, one must be present with their feelings is devote their complete attention to the pain. The person is no longer rejecting or attempting to modify how they feel, but rather is present with their emotional self.

Interdependent Relationships

6) A Significant Impact, One way to think about these emotional wounds are that they make it difficult to function as a whole human being. They will therefore appear whole from the outside, but they will be anything but whole on the inside.

Note - Another way to look at it is that one will have a lot of distinct split-off bits inside of them.

This will take a lot of effort to keep these components at away, and they won't be able to fully manifest themselves.


7) Strengthened - One may be in excellent physical condition, yet they will not be entirely in control. This highlights how, if these inner wounds are ignored, one will be unable to perform at their best.

Still, it's possible to become accustomed to living in this manner, which makes it appear as if everything is fine. Their vitality will most likely be lessened, and their presence will be diminished.

Interdependence in a Relationship

8) Enhanced, More of them will be able to show up as they work through their emotional traumas and integrate these split-off pieces. They will also be less reactive and able to be more present in the presence of their partner.

As a result, seeing their emotional pain in a new light will make it simpler for them to grow and develop. They will realise that whenever emotional pain arises, it will be pleading to be acknowledged; it will not want to be suppressed or transformed into something positive.


9) Empathy, If this resonates with you and you want to become a more integrated human being, you may need to seek outside help. This can be performed with the assistance of a therapist or healer.

External assistance may be required since a person may be unable to address these wounds on their own, preventing them from working through them. They will be able to go places they would not be able to go on their own if they had someone to hold the space for them.


The Advantages of Effective Relationships

a) Good relationships involve management, work, and focus, but the effort pays dividends in a variety of ways. Special connections with others are beneficial to one's mental and physical health. We are more likely to stay healthy and li
ve longer if we have excellent, caring relationships with others, according to a study.

b) Accessibility: Good partnerships are adaptable and flexible. Circumstances change, and you may not always be able to follow through on plans established together. Sometimes you have to make concessions and rethink your objectives.

c) Mental Aspirations: As a relationship develops, both partners should have the same expectations. Both parties in the partnership should be working toward the same aim or goals.

Advice - Transparency, and integrity are defined as communicating openly and honestly, acknowledging mistakes or being incorrect, and accepting personal responsibility.

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