A Better Way to Break-Up, Ways to Leave Your Lover

Friendship is extremely essential to me. One thing I'm certain of is that I have a natural talent for creating friends, and I cherish the ones I have. It has nothing to do with the fact that I've known them for a long time. It has something to do with the love that I am now able to share. I despise breaking up with pals, "A better way to break-up, Ways to leave your lover"

Relationship Once Done

It's never simple to end a relationship. Contrary to popular belief, terminating a relationship can be just as emotionally draining as being dumped. You should carefully examine the reasons for leaving a relationship before deciding to stop it. However, once you're certain, keep in mind that your soon-to-be-ex was once your love.

What I didn't realize until later was that I had never permitted myself to be alone. I feel I can bring out the best in anyone. I didn't have to dislike someone just because they possessed some features that I didn't find appealing. I reasoned that if I could find attributes I liked in them, they would outweigh the ones I didn't.

My vacation to Jamaica with a friend was a highlight of my life. Yes, I'll forgive, but I won't forget because it was a useful learning tool. It was a tumultuous and depressing event for me. I admit that I had been avoiding some difficult truths. My friend, whom I have grown to adore, had some negative habits that were not specific to me but were nonetheless awful.

Even The Strong Break

I didn't want to see them in my environment, even though I knew they existed. These actions had been demonstrated the previous year, so I was familiar with her extremes. Even though I was aware that her behavior could be something I would witness firsthand, I refused to accept it. I didn't confront and follow my truth.

Note - We frequently believe that when we fall in love, the relationship will remain forever. We constantly hope that this is the one, that things will be different this time, and that nothing will ever be able to separate you.

Except that those things happen from time to time, and you do end up breaking up.

After then, it was my time. I left my buddy in the parking lot of our lovely resort to experience her volcanic tantrums on her alone, based on my commitment to encouraging the growth of confidence and self-esteem and my commitment to myself not to have rude interactions with other human beings.

Never Leave A Relationship For A Few Faults

My buddy is a brilliant and successful woman who is stuck and unhappy in her life. When she is sad, she, like many others, finds it difficult to express herself and is overwhelmed by emotions she cannot handle.

Note - Recognize that there is no painless way to end a relationship. We all wish we could break relationships without causing any anguish or discomfort. However, no matter how shattered the relationship is, ending it will be painful for both parties. You can prepare for the aftermath once you accept that there will be a pain.

I could tell my friend's behavior was explosive from the start of our friendship. All of the signs were familiar to me. But, because she was a young friend, I decided to let her be herself. I would start by mentioning her actions. But, since she didn't hire me or ask for my help, I made the decision to die on whichever hill I wanted. The majority of individuals dislike being told things they don't want to hear. So that's where I'd end it.

It's Never The Right Time

What I've learned, and now own and embrace, is that there were people in my life who exhibited a variety of behaviors with which I disagreed, but I chose to retain them in my life by constantly looking for the positive and repeating my mantras: "They're kind" or "They're entertaining." But I had no idea I was also amusing. I was likewise pleasant and stated that it was time for me to release these individuals.

I also recognized that I needed some new acquaintances who shared some of the same values as me. Friends who enjoyed people shared themselves freely, shared similar interests, and had a caring element to their friendship. What I found was that it was my obligation, not my friend's, to bring the fun or whatever I want.

I recognized that I was the one who had created these ties! I had manufactured these characters as a result of my lack of self-worth. It was my choice, I had invited these individuals into my life, and it was now my obligation to value myself and rebuild friendships in my world from a place of inner confidence and self-esteem.

There Are Two Sides To Every Breakup

Be Easy To Love Hard To Break

Removing them did not imply that I had to ignore or invalidate them. What it meant for me was being honest with myself and, as difficult as it was, breaking the link with this friend. It's critical to sever cords while still feeling affection for them, with no jitters in the pit of my stomach. While moving on with my life, I could still be polite, and kind, and wish them well in theirs.

Note - Once you've started the process, be polite but strong in your boundaries, making it plain that they're not negotiable. It is OK to cut them off without allowing them to explain what went wrong.

Make the failed connection as helpful as possible by turning it into an opportunity to learn and grow, as well as a warning about the kind of individuals to avoid in the future.

There Are Two Sides To Every Breakup

At that priceless moment, I realized that I could still love my friend. The event taught me that I liked and appreciated myself and that letting go of my friend was simply letting go. There wasn't anything else.

I've let go of this friend and a few others in a short period, and I've opened the door and welcomed other people into my life who I adore and enjoy being around. I enjoy being with these individuals, and they seem to enjoy being around me as well. All of the qualities I contribute to my friendships are mirrored back to me.

If one of your relationships ends, ask yourself the following questions:

- What do you think you've learned from this experience?

- Where are you not giving yourself permission in your life?

- If you desire something fresh, are you willing to accept it from anyone, anywhere?

This event opened my eyes to new possibilities. What opportunities do you have? What are you willing to put up with in your life?

Words End With Ex

Ways to end up:

1) If you've ever been ghosted or dumped via text or email, you know how it feels to be treated with such disregard that the other person didn't even bother to inform you in person. Why would you do the same to another person?

The dignity of a face-to-face discourse is due to your companion. Although an intimate situation is preferable, if you are concerned that your partner will respond violently, a public location is preferable.

2) People in general desire to know why they've been dumped. While an honest response like "you're lousy in bed" or "you lack ambition" may appear sincere, it offers little to protect your partner's self-esteem or dignity.

It's nicer to convey your feelings with a reflexive remark like "I don't believe we're sexually compatible" or "I don't think our long-term goals coincide anymore." Don't give a detailed account of what the other person did wrong.

This Is The One Thing We Didn't Want To Happen

3) If the breakup comes as a shock to the other person, they may try to argue, protest, or justify why you should be together and try again. Nothing can save or revitalize a relationship that is on the verge of breaking up.

4) Express your regret at the breakup and remember the good times you had together. It hurts a lot to be dumped. You can ease the pain a little by recalling some of your fond memories of each other.

Words That End In Face

5) Make sure you don't convert the other person into "the bad guy." Nobody is without flaws. You, too, have flaws, and portraying your ex-partner as a villain isn't helpful apart from blatant instances of violence, but that's not the type of relationship we're talking about here.

They may have made mistakes, such as cheating, but they are still people.

6) There will be a period of loss, misery, and pain, even if you are the one who is terminating the relationship. One of the most difficult aspects of figuring out how to break up with someone you love is figuring out how to say goodbye. You still care about them, but you need to remind yourself why the relationship is failing.

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