What Do You Expect From A Good Friend?

We were conversing over coffee at the gym today, which is when I get a lot of ideas for my articles. We were talking about friendships and how sad it is when our friends disappoint us or don't understand our point of view, What do you expect from a good friend?

Friendship Expectations

It got me thinking about what we genuinely want from our friendships:

- Loyalty is crucial. We expect a buddy to stand by our side and defend us if something terrible is spoken about us while we are away. We want them to follow our unstated code of conduct, such as avoiding flirting with or dating our partners and treating our children, friends, family, and home with respect.

Note - When most of us think of the word "faithful," we see someone who will stand by us no matter what. That's true, but a truly devoted person will likewise be loyal and committed to you no matter what. Regardless of what they hear about you. Regardless of how uncomfortable it may be at times.

Nothing can make them abandon what they promised to be and do for you, in good times and bad, because they aren't loyal based on feeling they are loyal based on their character.

Expectations of Friends

- Friendship is built on the foundation of support. If we've received bad news, are hurt, bereft, have recently lost our job, or partner, or are ill, it's reasonable to expect that our friend will be there for us, listening to our story again, checking on us, calling on us, or keeping in touch by phone to ensure that we feel supported, loved, and reassured by their presence.

Note - Many people are averse to making friends. They don't want money they want fans. I mention this because when people are called out on their problems, drama, or character defects, they often seek to "cancel" the person who said it. A truly honest person, on the other hand, will be both sincere and forthright.

Expectations of Friendship

- Generosity. A friend can supply the appropriate level of sympathy, motivation, and kindness since they know us so well. We can trust them to say things that others can't, to deliver a reality check now and again, but always with the best of intentions, assisting us in healing and recovering from difficult times.

Note - Protective friends are those who will defend you both in and out of your presence. They make it clear that they will not tolerate any shady comments, smooth innuendo, or attacks on your persona when it comes to you.

What Does Friendship Consist of

Dedication, Spending time with friends entails sharing, talking, and doing things together. So, if a friend has a date, they don't ditch us or cancel an arrangement if they get a better offer.

Note - Now and then, a little "healthy competition" is fun. But you know what's far superior? People who are ecstatic about your accomplishments. People who congratulate you on achieving your aims and objectives.

Those who don't appear to be threatened by your glow-up. When someone says, Call me if you need anything, they mean it. People that will support you in both good and terrible times.

Friendship Expectations

- Applause. A good buddy understands the significance of compliments such as "well done" or "you look terrific." They understand our fears, how hard we've worked, and how important some things are to us. Praise offered with real compassion can boost our self-esteem and allow us to move forward with more confidence.

Note - Compassion is one of those terms where you have to put your money where your mouth is—and by the money I mean character.

That is to say, no matter how compassionate you say or think you are unless you are genuinely looking at individuals who are having a difficult time and doing everything you can to make their lives easier, you are probably not as compassionate as you think.

Expectations of Friends

Expectations of Friends

What we expect from our friendships and what we get from them can be quite different:

- You can grow out of a friendship. Someone with whom we were close as children may appear to be a member of our family, but the truth is that the things we shared as children may no longer be relevant in our life. We may have a lot of memories in common as children, but we don't have much in common as adults.

Note -  With someone who has weak communication abilities, it's difficult to connect, let alone progress. Unfortunately, many people believe they are excellent communicators when they are anything but.

Listeners are good communicators. Questions are asked by good communicators to gain clarity. Body language clues are taken into account, and good communicators function from a point of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Expectations of Friendship

- As we grow older, our priorities may shift. A friendship may be very essential to one person, but for someone else who has a family, a partner, a hectic career, or aged parents, it may be just one of many factors to consider.

Note - Respect that they, like me, need to be celebrated for their uniqueness.

They also value you, consider your opinions and feelings, and treat you with the highest respect they make you feel important to them. Everyone will disagree with me, but the reason I chose respect above love for this list is that respect is one of the most powerful manifestations of love in my opinion.

Don't Expect Too Much It Hurts

- Because some people make friendships in multiple regions, keeping track of all of their numerous groups of friends can be time demanding. Friends from childhood, hobby and interest groups, neighbors, parent associations, work, and the socializing that comes with being part of a couple are all possibilities.

Note - Self-centered People. Isn't it true that they're the absolute worst? How could they not be when they are so preoccupied with themselves that they don't care about anyone else? I'll provide a few distinct symptoms of what a selfish person looks like in case you've been dealing with them for so long that you don't identify them.

Don't  Expect Too Much From Others

A selfish individual has no trouble receiving but is constantly hesitating when it comes to giving. A selfish person will only do things for others if they can see what they will get from it. A selfish individual would completely disregard your needs simply because they are in a poor mood or believe that their problems are more essential.

Note - Life is dangerous enough without having to learn the hard way that your friends were not a haven, sanctuary, or source of healing for you. Not only should you expect them to be a haven in your life, but you also deserve it, as well as everything else on this list.

Tolerance, good humor, and an understanding of the multiple demands on each other's time, money resources, and energy levels are typically required to maintain friendships.

Stop Expecting

An occasional phone contact, email, or text might sometimes be enough to keep a friendship alive. When true friends get together, even after a long time apart, it's not uncommon for them to declare it's as if they'd never been apart.

Friends are notorious for gossiping about one another. Only when the gossip hurts the friend is such a chat considered impolite. Disloyalty is not demonstrated by talking about a buddy.

Someone who does a significant favor for a friend should do so because it is the right thing to do. He or she is likely to be disappointed if he or she expects the other person to be appreciative indefinitely. Extremely large favors tend to sever friendships.

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