Reasons Why People Shut Down Emotionally

A breakup is one of the many things that can cause someone to feel excruciating pain. A breakup can make someone feel as though their entire world has ended, Reasons why people shut down emotionally.

 Shutting Down Emotionally

No matter how long they were together for months or years the sorrow would have destroyed them. The feeling of being on top of the world can then change to feeling as though one is at the bottom of the planet.

Breakups are a roller coaster of emotions. In reality, that is untrue. If a breakup were like a roller coaster, the end would be obvious from the beginning. You could decline the ride, and at the conclusion, you could pay a hefty price to preserve the memory with a flimsy cardboard-framed photo.

Breakups are more like riding a roller coaster than anything else.

Emotional Shutdown

Even if they didn't feel this way at the time, they are nevertheless likely to feel very differently now. Then one could be physically fit and have a muscle-covered body, but it wouldn't change how they felt.

Therefore, although feeling weak on the inside, they will appear strong on the outside. They can nevertheless feel much weaker than they appear even if they don't have a body like this.

They may have been very balanced up until this point, and they may have also found it rather simple to control their emotions when it wasn't. Now when their emotions are out of control, it could be difficult for them to get them under control.

Note - The love-loving part of the brain. Dopamine and oxytocin, the pleasant hormones, are released when someone is in love, and the brain begins to savor the happiness.

However, when the person you love departs, the brain starts to secrete stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline instead of as many feel-good hormones.

What Causes A Person To Shut Down Emotionally

It can seem as though they are all lost at sea right now with nothing that they can do to change things. The need to do anything they can to reclaim control of their inner world can then be one of their greatest needs.

Reaching out to friends is something one could decide to do to receive help. The urge to conceal their feelings will therefore be completely unnecessary because they will feel at ease with showing vulnerability.

The individuals in their life will give them the inward strength they currently lack. Similar to how scaffolding supports a shaky building, these folks support their shaky inner selves.

The fact that these people can support them in this way suggests that they also have a healthy connection with their own emotions. If this is the case, they won't be emotionally detached or think being emotionally exposed is a bad thing.

Emotionally Shut Down

They may also intuitively understand that no one is an island and that everyone will have times in their lives when they require emotional assistance. As a result, if they weren't acting morally, they would also extend that behavior to others.

Note - Your mind, body, and innermost self all adapt to being closely attached to someone when you're in a relationship. When that individual leaves, the brain needs to reorganize itself.

Although the suffering may seem never-ending, ultimately the body's chemistry will return to normal, and the discomfort will lessen. Breakup recovery is a process that involves both physical and emotional aspects.

Shutdown Emotionally

Reaching out to people when one is not feeling well will prevent them from ignoring their feelings. They will be able to deal with their agony thanks to this.

The most important thing is that they will let this process take place, even if it takes a few months or even longer. They'll probably start to settle down gradually after a while, which will allow them the opportunity to find someone else.

Alternately, one can end up utilizing their intellect to block out their emotions, which is likely to result in them only sometimes coming into contact with their suffering. Even if they are aware of the agony, they will quickly try to drive it back into their bodies by whatever means necessary.

Emotional Shutdown

Shut Down Emotionally

This may imply that they have no close friends or family members with whom they may be honest, or it may simply reflect their discomfort approaching others. In either case, they will continue to feel this anguish.

They will be able to settle down as a result of this without having to deal with their emotional agony. The drawback of this strategy is that it will be impossible for them to continue to function as a whole human person.

They won't just stop feeling their "positive" feelings they will also stop feeling their "bad" feelings. Then, they could come across as someone who is really flat and even chilly.

Note - Your mind may leave painful thoughts behind by concentrating on physical sensations.

On the other side, your body releases endorphins when you work out. These substances have the potential to elevate your mood.

Additionally, exercise has depressive properties. Dependable source Running, taking a fitness class, or working out at the gym can all improve physical and mental health.

Why Do People Shut Down

They may find themselves lured to things that would feign life in them since they are disconnected from the very things that give them the ability to feel alive. This could result in them being drawn to drugs, alcohol, countless random interactions, and/or frequent travel abroad.

The drawback is that they may find it even more difficult to deal with their usual state because of the fleeting feeling of aliveness they experience when doing such things. So it is simple to understand how they could develop an addiction to these items.

Someone like this might discover that they are too ashamed to seek out others if they were to become aware of their misery. Then, disconnecting from it would have been a means for them to avoid facing this grief.

Given this, it will be crucial for one to realize that asking for help doesn't necessarily constitute a problem. Even if someone else does try to embarrass them, it will only demonstrate that they too have wounds to heal.

Note - The feelings of melancholy and loneliness that might accompany depression and grieving after a breakup can be lessened by engaging in social activities.

Why Do I Shut Down Emotionally In Relationships

Even if you don't feel like it, think about making an effort to get in touch with your loved ones again or to meet new people.

Attending a class or a public event might also count as socializing. If you're feeling lonely following the end of a relationship, this can be especially helpful.

Shutdown Emotions

Advice - Even if you chose to leave the relationship, experiencing emotional sorrow afterward is a normal reaction to loss.

It's perfectly normal and acceptable to have post-event sadness or irritability as well as difficulties focusing and a tendency to distance oneself from friends and family. It doesn't mean you have depression, though.

However, it's strongly advised that you seek out a mental health expert if you believe you're struggling particularly hard to deal with the breakup or your emotions are dramatically affecting your life and other relationships.

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