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Most of us get confused after a break up, even some of you maybe feel very strange that why their ex is pretending like this when love and affection are over ...this question make you puzzle a lot of times even though some persons don't discuss these things with their BFF's as they thought it's foolish but let me tell you it's not.
I'm going to talk about signs that your ex is pretending to be over you inside Games in love.

Sometimes an ex will break up with you then you go into the no contact rule in romance games. Your ex has to experience the breakup, they decide you know what.. they don't like being broken up with you at games in love. They want you back but sometimes ego can get in the way in love games, this is temporary because if it is strong enough the desire to get back together with you, your ex will reach out to you this called True love.

=> Actually go through with the break-up it wasn't something that your ex wanted to do.

It was something they had most likely been thinking about struggling with for a long time around games in love, it wasn't just something they woke up, did, or woke up decided to do. So they were able to get over the hump to actually break up with you.

I know a lot of you are concerned, you think well my ex just doesn't have the courage, they can't bring themselves to, they're too stubborn to actually reach out to me or try to get back together with me in relation.

Point to Remember

Keep in mind that people go after, what they want however, if your ex wants to get back together with you it's actually virtuous and not just a short-lived thing that would end another breakup.

Importantly, If they want it enough they'll push through, they'll reach out to you for true love game. I know, some you are concerned but don't worry, we have mentioned some signs that will help you to determine that your ex is pretending over to you around games in love...

The below signs 
Pretended by 'Your love

1) The first sign is one of the most obvious that is, they try to make you jealous this applies mostly if you happen to see them quite a bit maybe you work with them.

So if your ex is trying to make you jealous they see you out, they want to make you jealous that doesn't mean that you happen upon your ex. They're on a date with someone else or they're being flirty with someone else. You just happen to walk in but that it appears your ex is just trying to do it to get "at you", you can also say breakup recovery.

=> They're trying to flirt with this person so that you see it. Importantly, they want you to see it might even be going overboard maybe they cut their eyes at you to see, if you're watching a lot of times you'll have a good idea if your ex is trying to make you jealous. It just happens by circumstance but if they're trying to do so then they're probably not over you either that's called crazy little thing called love.

2) Another sign that your ex is pretending to be over you is, they want you to think that they're just doing spectacular around games in love. Things are going so well in their life that they are just so happy without you. They just continue throughout. They tell other people to make sure, they might tell you even when they're asking how you're doing.

No matter how you're doing, I'm doing awesome in my love story now they might not say those exact words. I'm summarizing but they would want you to think that they are just doing terrifically well. life is going exactly as they want it to go now. They've broken up with you so, there's a lot of ways they can do to just pay attention if the effort is made to make you think that things are going really well for them in breakup recovery.

 Why your ex like a breakup in love!!!

They are looking for signs or clues to see if you are doing fine without them. If not or if they pick up on you not being, it gives them a little bit of hope so, that can leave a fork in the road because they might try to get something moving to where maybe you two could start the path to getting back together in pure romance.

It might give them enough comfort to keep them relieved enough that you're not moving during games in love.

Life After Love
3) In a third sign, they will post memes, graphics, or happy quotes on social media talking about happiness fallout 4 romance...

How wonderful life is...

They've had a great week or they've learned who they can really trust, some of these statements that just sort of making conclusions though they've arrived at this area, place inside of them happiness. Their world is just great,

Why they're doing that on social media??...

=> They're probably wanting you to see it.

=> They're wanting you to think of him all the time of previous love life. They're doing great because they're pretending to be over you as they're hoping to get a little bit of a reaction out of you that how life after love is, in other words, some sort of action they probably even want you to reach out.

You shouldn't...
You should wait for them to reach out to you but this is a case of your ex baiting you a little bit to reach out or trying to trick you to break no contact rule.

They're wanting you to do the heavy lifting. The work to make them feel wanted to be desired that they can still stay in relief mode because you're not going anywhere, you want them really badly in biscuit love.

So make sure that it's like a tennis match, you don't hit the ball until they hit it to you.

Furthermore, If they like on your post or watching one of your stories does not count you will actually be investing way more, if you reach out to them after they do something like this it's equal you will mirror them once if they've contacted you that doesn't mean they like something on your post, that you like something on theirs, It would be breaking no contact rule on your end. Don't do that, what I'm trying to convey you are waiting until they reach out to you with a true message in love scenario, a text message or a phone call its true communication in love...

These are some simplest as well as manageable suggestions which will help you to guess that your ex is pretending over. Moreover, be careful too as they were already hurt you once inside games in love.

I hope this would assist you in the breakup recovery issue, we will come with our more further sign's last part soon.

You can share your feedback to us in the below comment section, we will always happy to assist you in love related queries.