love of life
We are back again with our last Part that how your ex is over pretending on you at a Game in love, hope our previous part has had helped you while guessing your ex pretending that how to show affection though if you want assurance on their pretending habits than we have some more signals for you through which you can take your love life decision to give them another chance or not, totally your choice.

Before start, a little tip for you on a love of life

"Don't move towards them again, let wait for them to reappraise you".

So, here the fourth sign-

4) Stuff tantrums

They may ask for their remaining stuff which is still at your place. It's a little bit cliche but sometimes they'll do because they want a way back to you in love bracelet, so maybe they have an excuse to reach this way. They will keep as a backup plan at games in love, just in case they realize they're miserable without your love sign.

Note: Always make sure if you have had a fight in a relationship and your ex haven't taken their stuff with them then this is a trick which he/she can use suddenly in relation scenario so that they can reach out to you because they always want to keep their option open with you.

They're not asking about it because they want their stuff to stay there as a love me again back up plan with this excuse.

They want a free pass so if they've left something at your place it's at least valuable enough, it would make sense for them to ask you a mail it or for them to come to get it. Afterward, it's a good sign that they're pretending to be over you but they still have one foot in the door inside games in love.

5) Obsessed  Personality

If your ex is hot as well as appealing with a wonderful personality so one percentage your heart will simply obsessed to see them once somewhere.

If you take a step then your ex pretends to care now like :

  • How you're doing?
  • What's going on in life?
  • Is everything okay with you?
  • look tried, Just extra take care of yourself?
This type of well care nature to make you realize that he/she still feels for you with affection.

It may feel you that they wanted you back in their love life. They are so much changed than previously. Thus always be sharp coz they were your ex if you want to start the relationship again then try them until you blind trust them.

Expressed feeling -
 They may express their feeling by eternal affection nonverbal signs like - touching your arm, tamper on your face, deep eye contact to fall in love with me you know what I mean...

So keep in mind these signs as well.

It seems like things are going really well. You think they want to get back together or at least they're interested in games in love. Then the next time they're very cold.

What that usually mean??
Is that they're struggling with get your x back, they're going up and down. Down, a lot of times when they have that cold reaction that will bring a warm response. They weren't sure what they wanted still at games in love.

So try to figure this out, it may be frustrating because you're thinking just come back to me already, let's get back together.

I know it hurts, you're trying to be patient, you're trying to be strong but it's difficult. What I'm telling you is to take time. If you reach out too soon, if you interrupt things then you don't let them be the one to reach out to you for making love.

6) Emotional trigger
They remove all of your photos with them from social media, but they'll keep the one which is rely close to your heart because they already know where your loophole is upon...
Love Me Again
What they're doing??

To hold on to, so they are not completely cutting you off in their mind. They did this coz they know you will see once, after watching the memory pic you get emotional while thinking of previous love art.

Note: Most of the ex doesn't have the courage to speak again after a breakup, so your ex may use this strategy to give you hint coz they wanted a little bit to hope alive in breakup games, so be alert and reexamine to start again if you want love.

These things can be used for encouragement to help especially if you're down a little bit but at the same time, don't totally depend on this. Be strong, it will help you get your ex back as well as it will also help if you can't get them back because they're human beings.
Let's move on to another signal that your ex can pretend

7) Keep an eye through their friends 

Sometimes your ex maybe asks your current updates with the help of mutual friends to speak the truth in love. It's just an insecurity coz they haven't forget you. Moreover, It's a sign that your ex is not over and they are pretending to be over.

Mutual friend approaching 

  1. By way of calling you, ask about yourself, like what you are currently doing.
  2. Want to meet you for a get-together,
So that your ex can also see your talks &  gestures by hiding at the same place to know your latest update. They have planned in such a way that you can't think your ex was behind all this. 

It's a sign that your ex haven't over you, it's a sign that they're pretending, moreover they don't want you to know that they're the ones behind it at games in love. It's a great signal if your ex is doing this way. But I again repeat just be sure while starting true romance again with your ex.

Final sign big-time

8) Public displays of affection

They keep their schedule consistent, they're scheduled that they've had while you two were together. Once you saw each other they pretend to be unknown regarding this meet.

Multiple meet like

1) Excercise schedule - Your ex may be planned to go to the gym/morning walk at the same time of yours, they kept updating on social media, so that you could see as well as aware of it, it's their tactic to make you aware of their schedule inside games in love.

2) Chruch Schedule - Maybe they're keeping the same church schedule, sometimes churches have different times for services. They keep going to that one service even though you're there this is not a certainty but if they are keeping the same schedule with those types knowing you're going to be there, it's a positive sign that love never fails at least they haven't shut the door completely in their heart.

This doesn't mean that you should run over to where it is at the right time, want to get back together thinking that they do as well because a lot of times your ex keeps an insurance plan for himself or herself, just in case they want to get back together with you.

Moreover, your ex may have entered into the new relationship, after a couple of days they realize that she/he is not a perfect match in love as compared to you, So they might want you to know where they are but they might not be ready for you to come to say let's get back together it's best if you can wait on them.

The extra power of love advice

At last, little advice that all of the signs might work sometime or sometime not but if your ex is pretending any of these then it's a glimpse from there side to start the relationship again on a positive note.

But sometimes they can do love triangle as well after giving you some positive signals so make yourself aware as don't Let your trust fall again.

Don't become foolish while starting your relationship once more with the same person, though your ex genuinely realizes his/her true feelings after a breakup so please decide wisely.

If you can use the no contact rule then it gives you a good result. Most of the time that's where you can mess it up, So be patient, it's a great key to achieve more during games in love. 

I hope this would give you a little bit of relief to deal with your love complications.

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